POLITICS IN GUERNSEY            
   Guernsey has a tiered political     
 system. At the lowest level are the   
 parish douzaines. As the name implies,
 a dozen people are elected by their   
 parish to deliberate on parochial     
 issues. One member of the douzaine is 
 elected by his fellows as a voting    
 member of the States of Deliberation  
 (the Parliament). The parishioners    
 also elect Deputies (M.P's) to the    
 States. The number of Deputies per    
 parish is regulated by the population 
 of that parish. Senior or long serving
 Deputies can be elected to the office 
 of Conseiller by the rest of the      
 house. Their position of parish Deputy
 then becomes vacant. The Deputies are 
 elected for a three year term of      

Map of the area

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