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       FARMING IN GUERNSEY             
    A large proportion of the area is  
 given over to dairy farming.  Pasture 
 is found in small, irregular fields   
 and the cows are tethered to limit    
 grazing to specified boundaries.      
 Such very intensive system is         
 necessary because of the restriction  
 of space.                             
   The Guernsey breed of cow is        
 renowned for the high fat content of  
 its milk (45%).  The milk is turned   
 into local cheese, butter and yogourt.
   The fields not utilised in          
 dairy farming are ploughed and        
 fodder crops are usually grown (e.g.  
 maize and sugar beet).                
   A local breed of goat is found      
 grazing on any small piece            
 of waste land.                        

Map of the area

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