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18 September 2014
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Wars and Conflict - The Plantation of Ulster

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Tully Castle, 1641
Tully Castle 1641

Extract from the Irish massaces Of 1641 - depositions

The Examination of CAPTAIN PATRICK HUME, taken upon oath at Inniskillen, in the County of Fermanagh, 1st day of April, 1654, before (illegible) hamilton, Lieut. (torn), John Carmick, Robert Browning, Commissioners, thereunto authorised by virtue of a Commission of the 9th of March, 1653, signed by the Hon. Gerard Lowther, Lord President of the High Court of Justice, directed at Dublin to the said Commissioners, or to any two or more of them.

This examt. upon his oath saith, that upon the 24th day of December, 1641, Rory Maguire, brother of the Lord Maguire, being at the head of a number of rebels, to the number of 800 or thereabouts in arms, did in a hostile manner come to the Castle of Tully, where having summoned the Lady Hume, Alexander Hume, John Grier, and this examt. (who there did labour to preserve the lives of those and many other British Protestants by defending the same castle), to yield it up to their hands. The said so summoned, through dread and despair of their lives, came to a parley with the said Rory, on the said day of the year, when the castle was then delivered up to him, when it was agreed upon that the said Lady Hume, Alexander Hume, John Grier, this examt. and the rest of all the men, women, and children, who were there in that castle, should have quarter for their lives, and all their goods, with free liberty and safe conduct to go either to Monea or Enniskillen, at their choice, provided the said Castle of Tully and the arms in the same should be yielded up to the said Rory Maguire, all which was granted and promised, yea upon oaths, and confirmed by writing by the said Rory. And thereupon the said Rory did enter into the said castle, and received up all the arms that were there. And afterwards that same day, the rebels having stripped the Protestants of all their clothes (except the said Lady Hume), they imprisoned them in the vaults or cellars of the said castle, where they kept them with a strong guard all that night, and the next morning, being the Lord’s Day, and the 25th day of December, 1641, they took the Lady Hume, Alexander Hume, John Grier, and this examt., with their wives and children, away from the rest of the prisoners, forth of the said castle, and placed them in the barn of one John Goodfellow at Tully, aforesaid, within a stone’s cast from the castle, putting them in hopes that they meant to convey them to the Castle of Monea, upon horses which they provided for them, but as for the rest that were then left behind in the Castle of Tully, the rebels told those in the barn that they should go on foot after them to Monea aforesaid.

But immediately after, upon the 25th of December, 1641, at Tully Castle and within and about the bawn and vaults of the same, in the county of Fermanagh, the rebels did most cruelly and barbarously murder the said Protestants, to the number of men and 60 women and children or thereabouts, the names of the persons so murdered followeth, viz.: Francis Trotter, Thomas Trotter, Alexander Sheringfield, Alexander Bell, George Chearnside, Robert Black, James Barry, Thomas Anderson, Robert Lawdon, John Brooke, David Anderson, James Anderson, and many others - men, women, and children - whose names this deponent doth not now remember.

The actors in this massacre, this examt. saith, for the most part are since that time dead, or slain as he heard, and as for such of them as survive, this examt. remembers not their names. And this examt. saith, after the said rebels did pillage and plunder the said castle, they did burn it on the day and year aforesaid. And further this examt. deposeth not anything material.

PTK. HUME.      

Taken before us, 1st of April 1654,

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