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18 September 2014
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Wars and Conflict - The Plantation of Ulster

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The Plantation created a regional society in Ulster
- Dr. Raymond Gillespie

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The Plantation of Ulster transformed almost every aspect of Ulster society. At the very simplest level it brought in people with different ethnic backgrounds, different religious backgrounds to the indigenous population - those things are very straightforward; but in more subtle ways as well it changed the whole nature of power and authority within that lordship. Suddenly English styles of life became normal rather than those of the Gaelic lordship, it brought in leases, it brought in great land estates (compact estates, very different from most other parts of Ireland) so not only did it make Ireland Scottish and English, but it also made Ulster different to other parts of Ireland. So the Plantation really operates on a number of levels: first of all in terms of Anglicisation, in terms of introducing Protestantism, in terms of introducing new market structures similar to those of England so that the economy can be transformed: but it also makes Ulster different; it creates a regional society there which is not the same as the regional society in Connaught or in Leinster, and which marked Ulster off right up until the 19th century.

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