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  • Henry VIIIHenry VIII

    Best known for having six wives, Henry's rift with Rome began the English Reformation

  • Henry VIIHenry VII

    The founder of the Tudor dynasty, who modernised the way England was governed

  • William TyndaleWilliam Tyndale

    Scholar and theologian whose translation of the Bible was the first to be printed in English

  • Catherine of AragonCatherine of Aragon

    The Spanish princess who became first wife of Henry VIII and mother of Mary I

  • Thomas CromwellThomas Cromwell

    Advisor to Henry VIII responsible for formalising England's break with Rome

  • Anne BoleynAnne Boleyn

    The second wife of Henry VIII and the first English queen to be publicly executed

  • Elizabeth IElizabeth I

    Nicknamed 'Gloriana', her reign was considered a golden period of English history

  • Mary Queen of ScotsMary Queen of Scots

    Catholic Queen with a claim to the English throne, who was executed by Elizabeth I

  • William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare

    Often considered the greatest playwright of all time, his life remains shrouded in mystery

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