The Winter Gardens, Malvern

Through the '60s, '70s and 80's, the old Malvern Winter Gardens was one of the few places in Worcestershire where you could see decent bands.

The venue hosted everyone from prog. rockers to punks.

You entered down a set of stairs, it had bars set at opposite ends of the same room, so that to get a drink between the support act and the main band you needed patience and good elbows, and the main hall had an air of decaying gandeur, but it was big enough to attract good names, and small enough to let the audience feel close to them.

That said, if you were small and at the back, you weren't likely to see much if the audience stood up - though in the days of prog.rock crowds tended to sit down and listen, rather than jump around and rave.

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Here are some of the bands we know played there:

Cliff Ward and the Cruisers - fronted by Clifford T Ward
30 May 1965
The Hollies
6 June 1965
Screaming Lord Sutch
24 July 1965
The Drifters
4 April 1968
John Mayall and Ten Years After
24 August 1968
Tyrannosaurus Rex
September 1968
Geno Washington
7 September 1968
The Moody Blues
1 July 1969
Jethro Tull
14 July 1969
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
1 September 1969
Deep Purple + Taste
20 September 1969
Yes + Caravan
27 September 1969
Black Sabbath
30 May 1970
3 July 1971
Derek And The Dominoes (Eric Clapton)
14 August 1972
Mott The Hoople
30 August 1972
Van Der Graaf Generator
9 September 1972
17 March 1973
Jethro Tull
22 May 1973
Procol Harum
24 November 1973
Thin Lizzy
18 January 1974
Cockney Rebel
5 June 1974
Barclay James Harvest
22 September 1975
The Damned
26 March 1976
Judas Priest
14 April 1976
24 January 1977
The Jam
25 June 1977
24 August 1977
The Stranglers
6 September 1977
The Buzzocks
19 September 1978
Siouxsie and The Banshees
15 November 1978
The Undertones
6 December 1978
The Dammed + The Ruts
3 February 1979
Generation X (Billy Idol)
9 February 1979
Stiff Little Fingers
6 March 1979

5 December 1979
The Pretenders + UB40
20 February 1980
Joy Division
5 April 1980
The Beat
10 May 1980
The Fall
25 July 1999
Ozzy Osbourne
13 September 1999

Deep Purple flier

AC/DC poster

The Damned poster

Poster for Cockney Rebel

Mott The Hoople poster