Band of Joy, Kidderminster

Band of Joy are probably best known for briefly containing half of Led Zeppelin - Robert Plant and John Bonham - and for the fact that Noddy Holder - the implausibly bewhiskered front man of Slade - was (briefly) one of their roadies.

There's a lot more to the band than the people who once played with them: they had a pioneering psychedelic light show, and their musical style was experimental.

The line up featuring Bonham and Plant also contained Kevyn Gammond, who played guitar for many North Worcestershire bands from an absurdly early age, and later went on to found the Kidderminster-based MAS records, a label pioneering new local bands.

You can read more on the history of Band of Joy by going to the YOUR STORIES section, and reading the article by John Coombe, who's the expert on the history of the Kidderminster music scene.

Band of Joy