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24 September 2014
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Monday 19th January 2004
Local lemon curd goes big in Russia
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USSR flag and a lemon
A recipe for lemon curd is proving to be a big hit in Russia and elsewhere across the world thanks to a Internet message board.
Lemon Curd discussion board
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The Munslow family, whose lemon curd recipe has proved such a big hit in Russia, live in hallow in Worcestershire

The recipe was posted on the message board by Steve Munslow

To understand the debate about Mrs Munslow's lemon curd you'll have to be able to read Russian

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Lemon curd is one of those dished you either love or loath.

Many people were put off it for life by the oversweet and glutinous version served with a rock hard pastry base by a whole generation of school cooks.

However thanks to a recipe posted on the net by a Worcestershire woman the dish is proving to be a big hit, and the subject of much debate, in Russia.

Since Steve Munslow put his Mum's recipe for lemon curd on the message board it has attracted more than 800 hits, mainly from Russia but also from Russians living overseas, in San Diego, New York and Turin.

Steve says he put the recipe on to satisfy a request for more information on the dish.

"A short while back someone wrote in saying they'd come across something called Lemon Curd and could anyone tell them what it was.

"So I wrote in explaining what it contained and telling them that I had a recipe if they wanted.

"There were several requests for the recipe so I placed it on the forum."

The debate has now widened to take in the joys of Worcestershire sauce - though not when added to lemon curd of course.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about here is the recipe for Mrs Munslow's lemon curd.

Mrs Munslow's Lemon curd © The Munslow family of Hallow, Worcestershire.

My mum’s lemon curd (makes 1 pound)
Finely grated rind and juice of 2 large lemons; 2 large eggs; sugar 6-8oz (depending on how sweet you like it); butter 4 oz.

Beat the eggs thoroughly.
Place sugar, butter, lemon rind and half of the lemon juice into a bain marie.
Stir slowly till everything is dissolved.
Add the beaten eggs and remaining lemon juice.
Heat gently, stirring frequently until it will coat the back of a spoon (thick cream consistency).
Pour into heated jars/ use within six weeks. Use like jam (sandwiches or in tarts).

Your comments:
Dear Mrs Munslow,
Your LEMON CURD contributed to better understanding between the representatives of different cultures.
Thank you!
Very best regards,
PS This is my nickname, needless to say.

Dear Mrs Munslow,
My family thanks you for your receipt of the lemon curd, especially my husband Paolo, sweet tooth, who highly appreciated it.
Victoria Oliva (Nicole on the Lingvo forum)

Dear Sir,
Would you be so kind to let Mrs Munslow know about my hearty thanks for her recipe of lemon curd (or, to put it more correctly, her adaptation of the recipe, which was posted I managed to make it and the result was really tasty.
Generally speaking, we here, in Russia, have rather a rough idea of English cuisine and it's nice to broaden horizons a little.
Best regards, Marin


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