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7 November 2014
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Monday 17th November 2003
Dowsers descend on Malvern's springs
A dowser at work
A dowser at work
Malvern, Worcestershire is to become the new home of the British Society of Dowsers.

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British Scoiety of Dowsers
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The definition of dowsing given by The British Society of Dowsers is a "means of finding out" and it can be used to find just about anything at all

Scientifically dowsing is known as radioesthesia and it's not only used to search out water

It's been known for builders to be taught how to dowse for gas and water and site dowsers use a map and pendulum to find lost property

The most popular method of dowsing uses two rods, held in the hands that cross when the searched for object is found

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The British Society of Dowsers is moving to St Ann's Road in Malvern.

A natural base you might think because of all the underground springs, but actually you'd be wrong.

It's a misconception that dowsing is used purely to search for water.

The Society includes two dowsers with two quite different approaches.

Peter Ewence uses dowsing techniques for geophysical surveying.

He's currently helping Hanley Villages Society make a history of the area using dowsing to show up changes in the earths background radiation.

These changes can highlight archaeological structures underground.

Daphne Adams is a Site Dowser and uses maps and pendulums to help people find things.

Her successes using this technique include finding a wedding ring that had been lost for ten years.

There are already 29 members of the British Society of Dowsers living in Worcestershire and 1100 members across the UK as a whole.

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