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24 September 2014
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BBC cameraman films UFOs over Hanbury

A BBC cameraman took video footage of what appears to be two UFOs flying over Hanbury in Worcestershire.

Listen to an interview with the cameraman.

audio Listen to an interview with the BBC cameraman who filmed the UFOs (56k)
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Crop circles in Worcestershire
UFO magazine
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During filming for the series Doctors in Hanbury in Worcestershire a BBC cameraman noticed something strange in the sky

He pointed his camera towards the heavens and captured on video what appears to be two Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky

A UFO is any flying object that hasn't been identified as a natural or man-made entity

Some people think these objects are alien spacecraft

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The BBC cameraman who filmed the footage is convinced that the objects are not from this world but what do you think they are?

If you've got photo's of your own UFO sightings then please email them to us at: or

If you think you think you know what these objects are or you've seen strange objects in the sky please let us know.

Here's a few of the e-mails we've received about this sighting:

I don't think they could be flares because even flares move but not much though otherwise they would fall out of the sky. I firstly thought they were hot air balloons when I saw them on Midlands Today, because of the way they went out. I also thought that they could of been Ball lightning but after looking at the weather for 2 nights ago there were no thunderstorms about. What I think now is that it could be some kind of test going on at DEFFORD near Pershore. I also saw a strange light over the Malvern's some time ago and it just disappeared. Whether it was the same thing I don't know.  

Sometime in the last week I have seen one of these blobs in the sky I dismissed it as either a weather balloon or something like that. My husband was driving I do not know whether he saw it or not. It looked exactly as the picture but there was only one although trees could have hidden any more.
Liz Mills

UFORM is a group that is based in Stourbridge, we have had many sightings reported to us and have seen for ourselves within Worcester and surrounding area's especially around Kidderminster and Stourport. We have been receiving reports every day for the past weeks both in daylight and during the early hours of dawn. We had already stated that we were expecting UFO activity to be on the increase. It was good to see the BBC showing actual footage.

I lived near Bromyard about 2 years ago. Me and a friend saw these very same lights late at night before I moved away. They had the exact same movements of going off and reappearing in different places in the sky. I know for a fact these are not any aircraft of this planet, as I am a helicopter pilot, and so am used to seeing craft fly, but I have never seen anything move as quickly and stop so precisely as these lights do. They seem to have the hovering capability of a helicopter, yet move incredibly fast, even faster than today's military jets. Even if these were jets, they would not be able to hover as they do. Some people said to us "they were just close to you, that's why they looked like they moved so fast", yet we never heard a sound from them, and I don't know of any flying machine that can hover, move that fast, and is silent.
Andy McAllister

The light appears as the camera man said like a flare but hovering like a helicopter. I live on a farm near Bromyard and i'm not to familiar as to where Hanbury is in Worcester but we have see the lights in the Worcester direction as bright as they seemed on the camera mans photography. What sort of flying object do we know has a light that seems bright 15 miles away.
Jonny Dickson 

The Lights in the sky are an entirely natural phenomena known as 'Earth Lights', spheres of contained luminous plasma gas rapidly spinning in a vortex. The plasma is produced when electro magnetic fields (produced by tectonic strain)react with atmospheric gases. This strange but entirely natural phenomena has given rise to centuries of folkloric and paranormal anecdote, including the UFO phenomenon. It is one of the rarest natural events, recognised by science but still very much being researched. To learn more, checkout Dr Michael Persingers work, or read 'Earth lights Revelation' by Paul Devereux.

A few years ago now in Worcester me and my family were in the garden at night watching a small meteorite shower. Then out of nowhere a strange object came over the house. It had 6 orange glowing lights in the shape of a v. It had no noise and looked as if it was just the lights on there own. Also it has been spotted in places surrounding Worcester like Drakes Broughton. This has been mentioned alot of times but when it is brought up it always seems to go mysteriously quiet!  

"They look like hot air balloons to me - they glow when the burner's on."
Roger Richards.

"I was totally perplexed by seeing exactly the same thing last night. I had just joined the A449 at the Mitre Oak and was travelling towards Worcester, and saw these two lights over to my left and ahead of me.  They were too close to be planes.  The time was about 9.00/9.15 p.m.  They didn't seem too high in the sky, although it was difficult to tell whilst driving.  It did cross my mind that I'd liked to have had a camera with me but "UFO" didn't cross my mind!"
Miranda Johnson.

"My wife says she saw 4 lights as she was driving southbound towards Gloucester on the M5 at approx. 9.30pm. I think the lights are afterburners from aircraft after leaving RAF Fairford now that the air tatoo has finished.   What does local air traffic control have to say, after all aircraft, hot air balloon's, or similar would show up on radar."
Kevin Baldwin.

"I don't believe it is a UFO. I have in fact seen a similar red/pink ball in the sky over Shropshire one winter evening when driving from Leominster to Tenbury. It seemed to be falling to earth." Ann Farr

"As much as I would love them to be spacecraft from another planet, I think there’s probably a more mundane explanation. Jupiter and Mercury were both about 5° above the horizon then, and both comparatively bright."
Martin Humphries

"Has anyone else suggested Earth Lights? They are supposedly connected with seismic activity. I think I saw one from a train station (along with other people) in the San Francisco Bay area about 6 years ago."
Keith Farmer

"Whilst on the way home from work on Tuesday night I saw very bright orange lights low in the sky above Warndon Villages, Worcester. This was at 21.10pm. I stopped by the road side to get a better look, there where about eight or so, not flashing but staying bright for two or three minutes. They would disappear and reappear in a different area of the sky. My first thought was of a UFO, but after watching them for three minutes or so I thought they must be flares. There was no noise when they appeared, and no smoke, the orange light just appears then stays bright for a few minutes and slowly dies out, I may have seen a faint trace of smoke as one light died out. I was coming from the direction of Stratford and was nearing the ring road, nr the new hospital. Where they where was very close to Hindlip Police HQ, maybe some thing to do with them testing flares?"
Richard, Bus Driver

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