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28 October 2014
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22nd February 2002
Spooky happenings in the local area
Wooden cross in graveyard
Wooden cross in graveyard
Herefordshire and Worcestershire is home to many ghosts, murders, evil-doings, and even lusty monks. Here are a few hair raising stories. If you know of any more then let us know.
The Commandery
Hereford Cathedral
BBC Wierd
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Worcester city centre has 17 spooky spots alone
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The Worcester Commandery was the home to the Duke of Hamilton (the Commander of the King's forces) for a short while during the Battle of Worcester. He was taken there with a leg injury. Unfortunately for him, he died from his wounds. It is said he was then buried under the floorboards for some time before he was removed and entombed in Worcester Cathedral.

Some years ago a local man arrived early for a meeting in the Solar part of the Commandery. After some minutes he left in terror not able to explain what he had experienced and vowed never to go into the room again. To this day it is not known what he saw. Other visitors to the Solar room have also felt a strange coldness and an overpowering presence, which remains unexplained. Some say it is the Duke of Hamilton in the throes of his agony.

quote Some prisoners have reported the sighting of a ghost...passing through the walls and staff have admitted having strange sensationsquote
Prison Service spokesman

Inmates at Brockhill Women's Prison, near Redditch, have been offered counselling after reports that a ghostly monk has been seen walking through walls. Prison officers have also reported feeling uneasy while on night shifts. The jail, built in 1965 stands in the grounds of Hewell Grange is a former manor house owned by the Earl of Plymouth. A Prison Service spokeswoman said: "Some prisoners have reported the sighting of a ghost, believed to be that of a monk, passing through walls and staff have admitted having strange sensations". Ghost-watchers in the county said they were unaware of a ghost inhabiting Brockhill but the description of a monk would tie in with the Hewell Grange estate and Bordesley Abbey, in Redditch.

Hereford Cathedral has also been the victim of strange happenings. Some years ago, during the Three Choirs Festival, many visitors were amazed to see the ghost of a monk standing at the North-East of the Cathedral, near Lady Chapel, shortly before midnight. It is thought that this is the ghost of a monk who was killed at the Cathedral in 1055 by a Welshman.

'Mrs Dee's Rock', a small spur of the Malvern Hills, is well known as 'a haunted spot'. Animals, especially dogs, are loath to remain in the area and the occasional evening walker is puzzled to see the 'vague shape of a woman' sitting on a large rock with her head resting on her hands. As soon as it is approached the misty figure disappears. The stone is some distance from a farm cottage which at one time was associated with the original Mrs Dee. Legend has it that her husband mistreated her and on her death bed she threatened to return and haunt him if he was cruel to their 13 year old daughter. Her husband was unable to control his violent moods and made the girl's life a misery. Intending to drown herself she ran to a nearby pond but the ghost of her mother rose from the centre of the water and `with outstretched arms` scared the youngster so much that she ran home, only to find the wrath of Mrs. Dee had been haunting the cottage at the same time.

BBC Hereford and Worcester
The BBC Hereford and Worcester production office

The BBC Hereford and Worcester building itself is supposed to be the home to a ghost. Apparently when the building was a Tannery between 1949 and 1960 a traveller who was working here and depressed at the time was told off by his boss, he then went upstairs and hung himself. He is said to still haunt the building... Spooky!

If you would like to know further information on 'The Ghost Walk of Worcester' please telephone (01905) 759499. Booking in advance is essential.

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