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11 February 2015

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worcester royal infirmary

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WRI - old wards

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Tell us if you have any memories of the old Worcester Royal Infirmary. What do you make of plans to turn it into a University campus?

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Carole Williams (nee Lowe)
I started my SRN training at WRI in Feb.1961. Unfortunately I didn't finish the course as I got married and went to Canada where I still live. However, I have many memories of the training that I did do. I spent a lot of time on Bates Med. and Surgical wards. The child patients often caught mumps, measles or chicken pox when they came onto the ward with other ailments or broken bones etc. The nurses would catch these childhood diseases also. I was immune to them as I'd had all three as a child. We were very short of nurses at times when measles was rampant, and so I passed many more than my fair share of days going from cubicle to cubicle in the isolation units nursing sick children. I had the cleanest hands in the country I'm sure, as I was very careful to use the phisohex soap when I entered and left a cubicle. I never did see that ghost. Perhaps it was me they saw wandering in my gray and white uniform around the glass covered cubicles in the dead of night! I particularly remember going out with the District Nurse one morning as part of my training. I had to ride my very old bike all up Shrub Hill and Ronkswood a long way from the hospital. In the afternoon at 2pm I had to write an exam! A lot was expected of us!I remember Sr. Davies who I think was the sister on Garlick ward, men's surgical. The nurses' home was quite pleasant with a lovely lawn at the back. The hospital building was not in good shape in 1961 so it is time for it to go. Our memories remain, if not the building. The university campus on that site will be very convenient for the students. In their spare time they can go to the races on Pitchcroft!

Pauline Freeth
I did my training in 1962, the ghost really did exist on Bates Medical. He was called Tom Bates after the surgeon. I remember Matron Hulme, Sr Wrighton, Sr Downes, Carole Cook, Dr Aldridge, Sr Doohan and many more. They were good times with lots of happy memories. I retired on may 18th with some sadness. I recently visited Worcester and was quite shocked to see the hospital being pulled down.

pat green
i was in the wri when i was about 3 had pneumonia TB MENINGITUS, must have been cared for really well as i recovered from tb + when 11 i as readmitted to wheally lea ward with appendicituas, no beds on childrens ward. Went back and worked on switchboard at the back of the hospital. do get in touch if anyone out there. In my time on switch board there was talk of a ghost a lady in grey, i remember walking through in a long flowing dress hope i didnt frighten anyone

graham edward rhodes
this is the hospital I was born in on may the 27th 1967 and is the first time I have seen it.

jackie spragg nee barker
i was in the w.r.i when i was about 2 years old i had peritonitus and i believe i nearly died. if there are any doctors, nurses, surgeons, or other patients out there that remember me i would love to here from you, i was born on october 2nd 1952 and i lived at ombersley worcs, i am so sad to see the state its in now, every time i went past i used to look up at my "bedroom window" i really dont think it should be turned into a campus.

Janet Cook
I did my general nurse training at WRI in th early sixties. They were some of the best days of my life. Friends made then are friends still and two have spoken to me today, one from Devon and the other from Canada.It is sad to see the current dereliction but I look forward to seeing the new University facility which looks as if it will be truly fabulous.

michael d dodman
i have great memorys of worcester royal they saved my life in 1970 mr ekerlesly and chakly white, i also married a nurse brenda cooper it is sad to see it now

karen mceneaney
I worked at all 3 worcester sites and believe m ethey were a lot better than the so called high tech hospital weve got now,i find it so upsetting when i see images of whatb used to be.

Graham Chilton
I remember being in Garlick Ward in 1944 when my tonsils were guillotined rather roughly after a very smelly anaesthetic. I was allowed to stand on a balcony and watch the seemingly endless convoy of vehicles heading down Castle Street towards their date with destiny on DDay. They promised me ice cream after the operation if I was a good boy, but I never got it. Swiz! I was also a patient in the old cottage hospital where I had some of the early penicillin...injected into my btm. I didn't like that, but it cured my septic foot. It was all so long ago, but it was only yesterday.

You are in: Hereford and Worcester > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > worcester royal infirmary > WRI - old wards

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