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11 February 2015

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CCTV shows vicious attack

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Do you feel safe on the streets?

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ryan brown
i am 15 years old and i do not feel safe on the streets after i was chased by 15 or more older tenns.

Power to the People!
I point the finger of blame 50 50 on the Governments & the parents. Parents are not allowed to discipline children and the Government have taken away all powers of punishment. We live in a society of no respect and a culoture of, "I want it now and for free". The benefits system should be scrapped except for the "needy" & get these lowlife scroungers out and do a hard days work! I feel for teenagers in general because the vast majority are good & honest, but like always the small minority cause all the hurt and anger against ALL teenagers. This is unfair. When I grew up, we had youth clubs, parks etc, places to go and made our own entertainment. Nowadays, unless is electronic and the latest "must have", they are lost. In this case, isn't that the fault of Society & the way we bring our children up?I think good old fashioned, short sharp punishment with posters displayed of all those who flout the Law, backed up with more visible Police on the beat, and a Community behind them supporting them all the way!

andy walters
i think you should let them off as they were helping one of there mates and someone else interfeird and got hit

Worcestershire Ambassador
I am a senior businessman within the boundaries of Worcestershire and this is an utter embarrassment for me and the good people of Worcester, every time it happens. Police must know the hot-spots for this kind of trouble – we all do. Also far better CCTV is needed, using tracking technology, high definition colour and infra-red - whatever it takes ! This has to stop and the low-life scum that commit these offences need to be extracted from the community and ostracised.

Ken Turner
Unlike Bernard Robinson, Blair is not to blame for this problem with violence.This all started in the Thatcher days. What deterrant is there.the police do their job and get the yobs into court to be given a ankle bracelet which they can take off at will.

i dont think so
and peoplepay taxes forpolice officers to patrol the streets, its pathetic, notonly should they have not done it, but the police should be able to stop it happening when it does

Bernard Robinson
I would not walk Worcester's streets after dark and I lock the car door when driving through any urban area. Welome to Blaire's world !

Rather not say to be honest
These people are pathetic little, weak-minded fool... you know they are actually Chavs. These kind of things happen because parenst have no control over their children, most parents are not fir for having children,it's easy to see how. And another point parents arn't even allowd to propoly punish their children, like a cold hard slap that may hurt but then teaches the child that they shouldn't act that way.

Andrew Brown
Its awful but frankly the qaulity of these CCTV images are almost unusable. Something needs to be done to improve the CCTV as well as on the ground prevention

No way
I have 2 grown up children who were raised with firm boundries and a respect for other people. Too many teenagers now have parents with no control, and no respect for their role in their childrens life shame on the kids that did this, but shame on the parents as well

Laura Tocknell
Worcester is such a beautiful city - I am shocked and disgusted by this attack.

Robert Burton
I feel petrified to walk the streets these days the youth of today are bad mannered and very intimidating

I feel safe on the streets as a teenager myself , the people that did this are obviously pathetic minded lowlifes. Who need to be arrested and punished , sick.

stuart foster
these pictures should be displayed in the city and surrounding area like an old fashioned wanted poster.

Mr Williams
Well you can hardly act surprised if parents aren't allowed to discipline their children they will run amock. There is no respect for the law, who lets face are more interested in catching speeding motorists because thats where the money is. These kids need to be disciplined, made an example of and embarrassed in short they need to be broken before they can be fixed, sending them on holiday or putting a tag on them is not the way ahead.

grant phelan
ive been beaten up before so its hard to trust people who go around in gangs like that so no i dont feel safe around particular people


hi i am 40 years old and thourght to be quite hard but still would not go out on my own during the night, its only gowing to get worse welcom to the real world.

Gaz Bannister
Not at all too many of these people are at large

Symon Hawkes
No i dont feel safe on the streets because of all the so called 'Townies@ that insist on making our living hours as miserable as possible by threaghtening and intimidating people who cannot defend themselves. I hope the governmnet will introduce a stronger approach to the handing out of ASBO's by the countrys courts.

You are in: Hereford and Worcester > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > News > CCTV shows vicious attack

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