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11 February 2015

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Film stars in Eastnor

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If you have any memories of the filming of One More Time then let us know.

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Susan Holland (nee Williams)
I was eleven at the time they were making this film and lived in Upton-on-Severn. My parents took me one very warm Sunday to see the filming going on at Eastnor Castle. I remember being very excited at the possibility of meeting "real" film stars, especially Jerry Lewis as I used to think he was brilliant in his films with Dean Martin. The day was very hot and I can distinctly remember sitting on the grass watching the hunting scenes being shot. Of course I took my autograph album as well but Jerry Lewis proved to be nothing like his cheerful self in his films, although it may have been because things weren't going as well as he hoped! Anyway he was refusing to sign autographs and spent most of his time when not busy surrounded by glamorous young ladies!!! I did get a couple of autographs though from two lovely British actors who were very friendly and happy to talk to an eleven year old -Bill Maynard and Edward Evans - which cheered me up immensely, though to be honest I didn't really know who they were at the time. My mother did have slightly more success and managed to get Sammy Davis' autograph when she spyed him whilst shopping, in Upton one day. Unfortunately she was in the butchers at the time and the only available piece of paper to hand was a sheet of greaseproof paper which they gave her, but he did sign it, though what he must have thought of it I don't know! I don't think I ever saw the film on television, though I used to look out for it.

Christine Lawrence
I was working at Smiths Motors at the time of the filming, I was driving a Coach for the cast.I was Christine Powell at this time.

Stephen Bray
Remembering other things about my time with my mother, whilst everyone was working, Murphy, one of Sammy Davis' bodyguards used to keep me company and look after me during the day. I used to deliver tea and coffee to them all in their caravans. That was my "job" and I didn't get paid I remember. Sammy Davis' pianist taught me to play the piano on the grand at Eastnor Castle after shooting had finished for the day. I was on set for the complete filming at Eastnor and could go on for hours about my time there. The last night party when the film was shown was something out of this world and even then it was obvious this film was going to flop and I was only 12 at the time. Somewhere I have a diary which has many details about the crew, stars etc but I can't lay my hands on it at the moment.

Our cairn terrier was a stand in for this film. Her name was emmie

Liz Clark (nee Hedworth)
My late father (Selby Hedworth) was an extra in the ballroom scene of the film and can clearly be seen with his partner 'talking' with Peter Lawford. My father tried unsuccessfully to obtain a copy of the film, even enlisting a American friend to look out for it on their TV. Since his death my mother managed to borrow a video (with German subtitles!) and we took a photo using the pause button. My father was a great fan of Sammy Davis Jnr and never forgot the time he spent as a 'filmstar' that summer. Originally he was told to black up as a foreign gentleman in the film but because of his light complexion and fair hair, it was decided a ballroom scene would be cheaper and less timeconsuming for the makeup people!

Stephen Bray
My late mother "Blanche Bray" was Wardrobe Mistress on the film and I can remember being on location with her at Eastnor. The wardrobe was in the little school near the gates and I used to play ball there as much of it was during the school holidays. We stayed at the Green Dragon Hotel in Hereford. In my mothers spare time she made ties for Gerry Lewis. Somewhere I have a complete copy of the original script and listings of the cast and crew.

David Harrison-Malvern
I was one of the extras in the film "One More Time" and I was initially given a court Jester's costume for the fancy dress ballrom scenes. I had to wear this costume from the school in Eastnor, which was used as a dressing room, up the drive to the castle. I remember feeling rather stupid as there were bells sewn to the shoes and other parts of the costume and as |I walked th bells "tinkled".I did not wear this costume for the actual shooting as I was given bandsman's uniform which had previously been used in a production of Dr Doolittle (?) I recall that whilst filming it became very hot in this uniform due to the arc lamps that were used on the set.Those of us who were smokers were give cigarettes so that the smoke would enhance the visual effect of a night club scene.On one occasion I found myself sitting on the steps of the castle with Sammy Davis. What had happened was that they had started shooting a scene behind the door and latecomers were barred from entering. Unfortunately I cannot now remember what the conversation between us was about but I do remeber talking with him.Last Xmas one of my daughters gave me a DVD of the film but as it was made for the American market it cannot be played on a DVD player bought in Europe. However, I managed to find a site on the internet that gave me the info. I needed to change the format on my PC, which I did. I can now play the DVD which has given much pleasure to my grandchildren!The pay was £4 per day plus refreshments and we were at the castle for 4 days.I seem to remember being told that if we were ever film extras again then we could command double that, as we could be classed as having had previous experience!

You are in: Hereford and Worcester > content > > Film stars in Eastnor

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