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11 February 2015
Hereford and WorcesterHereford and Worcester

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Graffiti around Worcester city
Graffiti under a canal bridge

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Would you like to see tougher sentences for graffiti artists? Is the problem getting worse and do you have a solution? Tell us now.
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I doubt many of the people who post here are real graffiti artists..most can barely use the English language.Some graffiti looks good..tagging and scribble looks untidy and is nothing to brag about.There was some good banksy style painting in Evesham a few years back.. and a few bits and pieces which were slightly political but those have since dissapeared.The majority of the stuff shown in the pictures ISN'T art though.

If people around here had seen any even okayish graffiti, they would probably agree that it's way better than just having a grey wall.I reckon the council should like allocate boring council-owned walls (Lychgate Carpark for example, the big grey one) and legally allow graffiti artists to like put stuff on them. That way maybe there would be some deasant stuff as they would have time to make art and not have to rush it and the general opinion on graffiti would be greatly helped.I personally think we should get Crash to do some xD

The pictures shown here are all rubbish, graffiti can be and is alot better than the stuff displayed here.

ben hopkins
i don't know why they have put the stuff from cripplegate up, as far as i know that was put there by the council anyway. graffiti is one of the purest art forms around, i dont like it when people paint on old peoples houses/fences, but on council property there is nothing wrong with it, id much rather see even a bad tag than a honda advert.

Steven Williams
I personally think that some of the graffiti can be very artistic if done extremely well. Although, the name line tags do look a mess.

I'm a random school girl
I love seeing walls full of colour, i bet it takes a lot of effort to paint or colour the walls in an amazing way! bricks are brown and art takes the crown! ok, that was rubbish i know but i'd rather have a town full of colour that see the colour of bricks...

a blank wall can be just as ugly as one filled with graffiti graff is art you just need 2 acsept it

I think graffiti scrawlers would like tattoos but they are just scared of the pain. Chickens!

i think that graffiti is a art simply because you cant get a lot of people to do it well.

Anon - From Worcester
Advertising is shoved down our throats, whether it be TV commercials, billboards, advertisements on the street whatever. What's wrong with us writing on the streets just like everyone else. Graffiti has been done for many years, think about the pictures cavemen created.

KAS (SFC Leader) Hereford
Graftin is art or y call us graffitti artist if it eint artIts our culture A way of lifei wuld rather wlk throu a subway ful of colour than a dark 1Look as it as a help to the communityIf we dnt do it wot else wuld we b doinit realeases presure and self-a-steamIts only a bit of fun n doesnt harm ne1So wots rong wiv it?If nefing it wer helpin makin the world a briter placewere only fixin a broken city there eint a problem so y creat 1?

Graffiti is always gonna be around your never going to get rid of graffiti artists, i do agree it gets out of hand some times but its just about the expressing yourself and the adraline. There are some real good graf artists in hereford like the NBK with there amazing wildstyles and colours, and oh dear with his/hers stickers even the new comers Tracks and joker from the TDA,started in 07 and have done all types of graffiti round hereford. At the end of the day it is an art form

graffiti is art. leave it alone maybe you should make all the walls legal. the pics you have suck go look for the real graffiti an there is real talent around you know.make it legal.

the pics you have here are extremely biased and do no show the true skill of many graffiti writers that exist you have pictures which are clearly more towards the tagging side of the art form and at that they are not good tags please find better graffiti where artists who have practiced the art form for years so you can show a more balanced view of the culture and to allow people to have a more valid view point.

no get leagal spots or theyll do more throwies on trains

ha get it rite its the SFC!

There is some real talent out there in hereford or graff artists in hereford keep it up

Your all wannabie gangstas, not one of those is art its crap, learn to spray in your backgardens and dont make yourself and your crew look stupid. In Hereford we dont have one good graff its all BS. None of you have seen good graff n i bet u all big up STC lol. Go out of Hereford for once and u will see.

were da FTC bro.. and graff is not about creating trouble for civillans its about showing people your skills, like people show their skills for football n stuff.. y cant we openly show our skills?

ur being biased here becus in hereford ther are sum real good tags n graff n stickers by konk n the nbk crew

grafitti is a art!!

i graffiti round liverpool and its good stuff but i hate the way u get 14-15 year olds writin random stuff. we shud be able to do are tags wiv out hiding are faces or being consious of the police because its art and its wot we like to do. the police want to go and catch real criminals who r carrying guns or knives ect ect. GRAFF 4 LYF

I think these pictures are a bit unfair. I know this is not art, but they hav not taken any pictures of the good graffiti in Hereford, there are some really good artist there. And in my opinion these are biased

it is a horrible thing to be doing on peoples propertiey.

ryan sherriff
i think it is good , bit is it in the wrng places build a wall that they can tag'


i think that poeple should just get over it. graffiti is happening! & some of it is really amazing stuff!! if people can get away with buying alchohol in shops & drinking it why shouldnt they be able to buy spray paint & spray with it? its alot less harmfull than liver poisening. DEAL WITH IT!!!

i think it can be good when it is like cripplegate park

i tink it is bad it is spouling the enviroment

yes maby 2 stop the problem the concil should biuld a garffiti room where we can go and graffiti in a controld room. then just re pait the walls.simple!!!!

Average Jo
more legal spots would solve the problem coz your never gonna catch us all

Good girl
i think that every shold stop vandalism and crime because its very bad.

i write graffiti,for the art only at legals..and i see the vandalism side of it too but you people are talking about good and bad graff init so u cant judge someone coz da goodwriter started off being bad too also there should be more legal walls around and vandalism will not stop u bann spray paint to under 18 year olds they will use rocks and scratch way to stop it and ig graffiti was legal everywhere u wouldnt see as much of the rubbish vandalism coz ppl wid spend time on it

the graffiti have to be cool..not boring!!!!i like graffit like backgroung black and cool graffiti on it.. which matches a bit to black!!!thank you

I get advertising rammed in my face on tv, papers, posters, above urinals, even in plastic footprints. Is graffitti illegal coz its not selling something? More graffitti less ads

mr sk frm liberated graffiti sqaud
u shud of seen sum of the stuff in the subway in cripplegate tht was me ! and graffiti is often seen as vandilism n i can understand y but u cnt simply brand us all as thugs .ppl say sum graffiti is respectable n clever .its away 2 get ure point across without ppl noing hu u are .i can truley understabd that sum of the work is terrible and tht it is just mindless vandilism however alot of writters (graffiti artists) nowadays spend a lot of tym and effort into ther work.ppl shud acknoledge that it is hard 4 the everyday person 2 make a name for them selfs so writters take it into ther own hands to create a new identy that people will here of bcuz they see the name around the area ther is no way 2 stop us and even if u did thro me in jail and learn my identity i wud write bak out with a new name a new identy graffiti is my life without it i wud have 2 wonder the streets wit he the same old browns n greys with the old corporte slogens trying 2 sell me somthing i dnt want without graffiti i wud most likly put an end 2 this pointless existance ps 2 all the writers out ther keep up the gd work and luk out 4 sk's throw ups

graffiti is an art, not a crime, we will never stop.

Mavis from fernhill heath
i love my walks by the canal and the river and now im getting on a bit they are good for me. the only problem is that when i get home i feel really unhappy and angry because all i see, where ever i look, there is graffiti. i know young people think its hip and trendy to do such things but its and eye sore and something must be done about it. in my day i wouldnt have dreamt of doing something like this but yet now young people take advantage of such a lovely city, i am appalled and belive that it should not be allowed to carry on. the is no place for graffiti in society.

195 2K7
scrawlings and marks on parks and whatnot is obviously vandalism, im not being biased..i paint myself, its a hobby. ive walked places in worcester and seen the vandalism, most citys have it. in my eyes its obvious how to stop it, A LEGAL WALL! you think one day we will just stop? it will turn crime into creativity! i can argue and argue but its all been said before. you know what to do hereford and worcs council!! act!

y iz it u all speek like dis man? y cant u all speek propa inglish like? den we will all get on bluds n der wont b no dissin like. learn some english please :) and graffiti just looks rubbish, unless its legal and is done properly by actual grafitti artists. the rest is just wannabe stuff. a sketch pad.

Beverley Fielden
Look at some of these picture I am immidatetely struck by a distintion ...Art and / or Vanadlism.The question needs to be asked. Is it art and asthically pleasing it pure destruction of the environmentWhat is expressive art and what is pure vandlism and destruction..Look at the pictures agin and try to decide... it is obvious which are pieces that took time, form thought and engery as opposed to the 1 minute wonders of vandalistic tendacies.

Graffiti Iz WKD !!! LOL Tha Drink :P

keyz and sars
graff is a lifestyle and we r not wasted lil toy graffers we do legals and wen u see lil swag kids doin scrawly words on a wal it makes other graffers look toy so stop ur waste words and do proper styles. zoop zoop. like psh

gangsta bill lol
yhyh graffiti is sfe man dont dis it blud

SOPHii3 --x0
Graffiti Is Awriiy --

graffitti is okii

Sophie Machin
Oh My God ,, Grafitti Is Amazing ,, We Need More !!!


chris lisseman xx
Graffiti iz well gud but it also bad so dont do it in tha wrong places xx

nat raybould
trhis graff is pants if u wana do it do it good!!! theres good stuff by the cannal n nkiddy nd burmingham get beta or giv up m8 luk at the stuff at brikies

naomi and rachel
graffiti is artnot vandalism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a graffiti writer seaking good words for street ar
I agree with Pete below me. Graffiti, or street art call it what you wish, is not linked to unsociable behaviour at all. I like to use aerosol, just as any artist would use a paint brush. I have never sold drugs, and i am not much of a drinker. My artwork which i perform on walls are how i express my self. I think that if anybody wants to reduce the amount of graffiti they find on their garden wall after every friday night, all they need to do is ask the council to build a few walls which can be designated graffiti areas. I would deeply apreciate a wall which i can go to every day and spill my heart out and do as much painting as i like. That is my say.

tom griffin
you should put some decent arfitti on here down tha canal thats where the godd stuff is !

Graffiti gets the blame most things! it makes me laugh, listening to some of your view points, and it makes me realise the generation gap between some people in our society. Drug dealing, noise making, muggings, robbery etc etc... theres some example of what i think real crime is... none of theses things listed above leave any visible decay. Graffiti is subconciously interpreted by many as the physical presence of the threats i just listed. i dont think this is true. in the vast majority of cases the people writing the graffiti come from good homes and decent up bringings where they have the oppertunities to do well in life. they do it for many different reasons (im not going in to a teenagers head and trying to analyise it!) The people doing the graffiti are generally youths who want to do something themselves and make their mark... be known and remembered. FOR MANY GRAFFITI IS THE VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF CRIME. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. THE ONES WHO ARE TAGGING, ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE A FUTURE, THEYRE DOING IT THEMSELVES AND DOING IT THEIR OWN WAY. DONT LUMP THESE INDIVIDUALS IN WITH OTHER CRIMINALS. GRAFFITI DOESNT HURT ANYONE, AND MANY OF THE ARTISTS ACTUALLY WANT TO APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC AND TO BE REGOGNISED, NOT AS A THUG BUT AS A RECOGNISED PERSON... START LISTENING TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION- YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM AND ATTACK A PROBLEM AT THE CORE.

Grafitti is good in some ways, bad in others. sometimes its art, sometimes its idiots with felt tip pens writing their loves name on.Big diference

tom cox
graffiti is good i do loads of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

graffiti is great when done it the rite places and not just scribbles i mean like actual art i do it myself i belive u should neva do it on some 1s property but say like down canals and on factorys it makes the place look better so you should do diffrent sentances for diffrent kinds of graffiti

i think its well good

i think a graffiti wall is a good idea. If the artists are able to express their feelings through a managed and legal project, rather than being forced to sneak around with spray cans in their bag the problem would not be as bad. People graffiti because they want to leave an expression of themselves, a message for everyone to see, to make their mark. If someone could set up a scheme in worcester to enable graffiti artists to work on a collaboritive project it would give them something to do, and would divert them illegal art forms, if we stop moaning and appreciate it is art, albeit misplaced art.

The graffiti is art when it is done well and not just some scribbling on the wall

Its a shame that this question is always raised. If an artist can put a glass of water in a gallery on the basis that he/she said its art then why are street artists condemned as vandals. As a street artist myself it seem the public want a outlet for thier anger towards the current art scene and graffiti is the easiest target.

i like the graffiti as it is like art and it makes the walls look less dull

this graffiti wall is awsome, i travel to worcestor most weekends and every time i drive by i look at it in amazement!

ive been writing since i was 12 years old im now 26 ive been brightening up drab places with skilled artwork for time, the people that mone are always the conservative small minded and jealous people who do not have an artistic bone in their body. I enjoy painting because i love art and design, and no one is going to stop me painting worcester redditch cheltenham birmingham and lots of other places i care to go. word

I totally agree with Sam, a graffiti wall is a great idea

you cant just ask whether graffiti is art or vandalism. if u can see that time and real effort and creativity has been put into the piece you can classify it as art.

Sam Garrett
I think there should be degisnated graffiti projects in the areas so the artists can go and put there art up without getting in trouble

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