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11 February 2015

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Floods photos

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More of your flood pictures

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Have you been affected by the extreme weather? Let us know what has happened to you.

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j stan
it was an eventful day which i will never forget i had 2 go home at lunchtime at (Drakes Broughton first and middle school i can remember the next day i was goin on hol down devon and normally it takes us about 2 hours this time it took us 7 hours.

adam mcdonald
i was on my 360 when my dad shouted kids then i looked out the window and it was there

George Smith
It was upto my neck and im 6 foot!

billy boberly
we were coming back from school when all of a sudden,WHOOSH, a huge wave came towards our house luckily it only distroyed our neighbours garden

Harriet Cleland dales
Well we were on are way home we just managed to get back from school at round about 1.00pm and i took the children to my mums but by the time i got back i was in trouble because the water was 3 inches away from my house and i had the children .i moved all my stuff from the bottom floor and except just in time .

paul roggers
in the sommer we had floods now ther back what do the invioty agency have to say im anoyed id called them to come when when the river was in the back garden the never came they dont do ther job proply

Diane Monk
I am extrememly concerned about the proposed new housing plus roads plus infrastructure about to be built in the R Severn catchment area which will add rainfall run-off thus exacerbating flood risk even more.

Ann Parkin
We have a caravan at Rivermead, Wyre Piddle. We got away from the site early pm Friday, only to find that we couldn't get out of the village. We returned to Wyre, and will always be grateful for the generous hospitality and care shown to us by Graeme and his partner at Pidele House (formerly Avonside). We managed to drive home on Saturday to Birmingham. Our thanks to the rescue services who rescued 6 people and a cat from Riverdmead at 3.30am on Saturday.The biggest black mark goes to the rotten lowlife that stole the outboard motor from a boat left at the top of the lane for folk to use to get to their damaged vans and boats. Our caravans are all lost, but that is nothing to the losses being suffered by those whose homaes are flooded. Our hearts and prayers go out to them as they try to sort out the mess.

Amy Price
I had to sleep with my Godmother on Friday when my Mum and Dad could not get to me. On Saturday morning the only way to get me home was to get on the tractor and be taken trough the flood at Mill Lane(Drakes Broughton) on the tractor.The water came up to the writing on the side of the tractor but we managed to get across. Then I had to get on another Tractor to get home! It was certainly an eventful last day at my School and one that I will never forget!!

Emily Price
All three of my sisters had to get rescued from their Primary school in Worcester.

Debbie Pitts
3 cheers for 4 x 4 owners !about time we had some decent press. Without us and decent farmers, many more would have spent a night in a damp dark car. Think on Mr Brown . . . .

Mandy Wood
I went to Upton with two friends for the Blues Festival and ended up stranded in the Community Centre because our van was parked in the Marina car park and we could not get back to it. We were taken to the community centre at the hill centre camp site along with other refugee's. We helped blow air beds up for people and offered them drinks, as the volenteers were stretched to their limits. After a sleepless night and early morning start we continued to help out where we could. As we could not drive out of Upton, we phoned for help and were rescued by our friends Patsy and Wayne, who managed to get through to us in their 4x4. We could not believe how quick the river rose and the amount of damage it has caused, not only in Upton but everywhere and were very grateful for the help we recieved from everyone there. We were glad to get home to Redditch and it is an experience we will never forget!

David Clark
I drove from Bristol to Earls Croome on Friday night, managing to get through the floods round Kempsey that were said to be impassable. Took me 6.5 hours. I then got in by old ex-Army Land Rover and drove from Earls Croome to Ledbury and back to rescue by Brother in law. We pulled an elderly gentleman out of a flood near Birtsmorten.

Jan Stoney
I have spent the week end at Pershore, where I teach because I could not get home to Malvern. Mary and George from The Star Inn have been brilliant. They put people up their bar, allowed them to sleep on the benches and I was lucky enough to get a room to share. Sunday I was able to get back to Malvern, via the M50 and Ledbury. An eventful start to the school holidays.

Karen Smith
Seeing the devastation where I live in Evesham and in surrounding areas, it annoys me that some people dare criticize the brave efforts of the emergency services. As we watched yet more people being rescued from their homes yesterday, I was appalled to hear a conversation between two men, questioning rather abruptly why they hadn't been evacuated on Friday night. I think we should applaud the efforts of the helicopter crews, who flew throughout the night on Friday and late into Saturday afternoon and our local fire service who had their firefighters working for 24 hours non-stop.They have done us proud and the fact that so far, it seems that no lives have been lost in this area is even more of a tribute to them. It is equally heartwarming to hear of so many acts of kindness from people taking in those who were stranded and in need of shelter, etc. While I think it's important to take some positives from the awful events that have affected our town this weekend, my heart goes out to the many people who have lost their homes, etc.

mark and jean jones
We dropped my stepdaughters off with there father on friday at 2pm by junction 5 on the m5, as they were off to america for two weeks.Then the fun began 462miles and 26 hours later we got home to Bacton in herefordshire. After listen to all the road closures by BBC H & W, which was excellent and very informative, traveling up and down the M5 trying to find a road which was not blocked, and a few hours sleep on the M5 whilst traffic was stationary during friday night and saturday morning.We then made a decision at 6am saturday morning to travel north and get on to higher ground to get home. This was via, Telford, Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Llangollen, Bala Newtown, Llandridnod Wells, Builth Wells, Abergavenny and home. thank you all at BBC H&W you were brilliantRegardsMark, Bacton Hereford

Dean Gibson
Isolated at Throckmorton for 24hrs but we are dry and thoughts are with those who are in trouble.

Mrs Bubb
I was stranded at the Malvern Hills Hotel last night, 5 weeks from giving birth! I would like to thank the staff for being so kind and to other members of the public for being so friendly.

I was stranded at my parents last night,unable to get into work,they live out bransford way and i needed to get into st johns,not one main route was open,but managed to get there today after about 5 hours driving round,but in the end i managed to go the only route which was all the way through bromyard.Lisa from worcester

michael hemming
had flood in garden and asked help from council for some sandbags and was told to get on bus to buy some .as council dont supply them .what do we pay our council tax for

our family live in nottingham and we have a caravan down in offenham at 'offenham park' and our caravan has been flooded really badly. :(

Sam Brown
Stranded on M5 overnight sleeping in car with 22mth old son and husband with medical condition. Lack of information from authorities of current conditions. Needed milk for baby, kind lady gave us some but many had no provisions. Took some biscuits and coke we had around to few surrounding cars. One lady was infirm and alone with no food or water. Expect many were without blankets. Would have liked to see provisions made for motorists stranded on M5 even if it was a cup of tea

Janet Lawton
I started out from Swindon at 2pm on Friday and finally arrived home at 8.30am Saturday morning, I was stationery on the M5 for approx 10 hours between junction 11a and 11 North bound... the information given by bbc H & W was fantastic, we received no updates or contact from the emergency services or the Highways Agency, the information boards were either vacant or telling us that there were delays, nothing about closures on the M5, how they can say that they issued releases I don't know, maybe through the television, but how many persons have a portable television set up in their car.. (must remember to pack mine next time I travel). The feeling was undescribable when eventually the M5 was reopened and I was travelling at 70mph on the M5 the other side of the junction 11 turn off.. 18.5 hours to cover 150 miles, I arrived home at 8.30am this morning (Saturday). I think I join everyone who was tuned in to BBC H & W in saying thank you for keeping us going and for the support and information you gave us.. I personally cannot thank you enough..

Alison Grieve
I slept in my car last night along with many others on the road from Pershore to Evesham. Thankfully we could use the facilities of the New Inn pub (about 1.5 miles outside Evesham) but due to the collapsed road there was no water. The toilets were flushed by collecting water from the road in buckets. Well done to the landlord and landlady who were fantastic. I am now safely back in Banbury.

Angie Canvin
We live in the Worcestershire village of Peopleton, & we have been cut off. The village lies between the A44 & A422 roads, both of which have been impassably flooded. Now we hear that the bridge over the Bow brook on the A422 has collapsed. At the A44 end, the police are stopping anyone crossing the Bow brook there as thatbridge is also in danger of collapsing. Many homes in the village have been flooded, but there is great community spirit here, & all hands are on deck, helping with clean up operations.

david griffiths
why arnt the flood barriers stored in some of the empty warehouses in hylton road and in farmers barns near upton so they cuold be deployed much quicker, the farmers would be glad of the extra income and could take them on tractor trailers for example, and there is a fire depot in hylton road surely the firemen and other volunteers could be trained up to deploy them.

Ken from DRM Coaches in Bromyard
I'd like to say a huge thankyou to Jane, Louise and Alice at Netherley Hall Cradley after our school bus got stranded in Cradley last night. They took myself and 14 kids from St Marys High School Lugwardine in for the night and fed us and gave us sommewhere to sleep. Finally got the kids into Malvern this morning so thanks once again you were brilliant.

I live in Worcester but work in Pershore. I started work at polestar varnicoat at 6am friday morning and due to not being able to go home at the end of my normal shift, which should have been 6pm friday, me and the rest of my shift worked a full 24 hour shift straight through as no staff could make it in and we couldnt make it home, so we actually finished working at 6am saturday morning. As you can imagine, i wont be rushing to do that again!!!!

Glenn Thompson
Left Peterborough at 3.15pm on Friday afternoon. Traffic was bad on the A14, M6 and M42. Joined the M5 southbound at 6pm trying to get home to Hereford. All the roads were closed from the Worcester end. Was forced to join the M5 southbound at J7 and remained there until 5.20am this morning. Ended up going all the way down the M5, across the Severn Bridge and up the A449 to Hereford. Finally arrived home at Hereford at 8.10 this morning after 17 hours. The only info that we had was off the H&W BBC radio service. No Police or Highways info available. This needs to be addressed and contingency plans drafted. Dreadful.

Simon Clarke
I left work in Gloucester at 3:30pm on Friday to come home to Ross-on-Wye. I had heard that roads were closed so (foolishly) did not think the motorway would be affected. I got to the M50 at 6pm, came down it and got stuck at Junction 2. At 9:00pm the police turned us around and sent us back to the M5 saying we had to go south as North was blocked. By the time I got to the M5 , the southbound carriageway was closed so I spent the night sleeping on the motorway until at 5:30am the flood at Tewksbury suddenly cleared enough to get past. I came back via the Severn Bridge back to Ross and was back by 7ish.

I live in Birmingham and I have been stranded overnight in Worcester because ther roads by Himbleton are flooded really badly that it would be too risky to get the car through the water and the car is a BMW Z4 as well which is really low to the ground so that's another reason why we don't want to drive it through the water because it will flood the car through the exhaust.

Matthew Wall
yesterday it was my last day at school and the front of my school was flooded and we went to church and when me and my mum came back it was all over the school field and all over the stone path and it was about five inches deep and the mud was even worse

superb coverage BBC h/w a great friend when you need one,and lets face it last night we neede all the help we could get.. just a note on the ludlow road b4361, there is a way to get north..b4361 turn right to EYE..keep going join a49 north..recomended by the police who are diverting traffic.there were several people planning a night in the leasure centre bridge street leominster who maybe would not realise this..job well done..l think so

Llywelyn Stubbings
I spent the night with 13 school friends and our coach driver, stranded at a farm in Mathon. We set out from St Mary's Lugwardine at 1.45pm yesterday and I got home to Colwall at 11 am this morning. The people at Netherley Farm took us in for the night kindly fed us and gave us a bed. A big thank you to the driver from DRM and the family that took us in.

Jonathan Carmichael
I was one of the lucky ones that managed to get home last night by car from Malvern to Worcester. I would like to thank everyone for their kindness when I was marooned on a train at Malvern Link station, particularly Emma (the guard) who organised an expedition to the local chip shop to keep the passengers happy! I would like to suggest that maybe the police should have been at flooded roads directing traffic, as some people just weren't prepared to take their turn when fording water and in some cases people and cars were caught by huge 'tidal waves' as impatient people went through! Well done to BBC Hereford and Worcester for keeping us up to date.

wwilll moriarty
im flooded in in a lane at callow end worst flooding since ive live here in 11 years!

You are in: Hereford and Worcester > In Pictures > Photo Galleries > Floods photos > More of your flood pictures

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