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11 February 2015
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Around Hereford and Worcester

Droitwich Lido in its heyday
Droitwich Lido plans

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Have Your Say
Tell us what you think should be done with the Lido. Should it be preserved for posterity, or do people not want to swim outdoors nowerdays?
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Autumn Carson-Brown
I love the fact that we have a swimming pool outside now, aswell as having the indoor door pool at the lesuire centre. Plus the lido has a water play area which is FANTASTIC for children to play in, Yes people do want to swim outside now, because when its a hot day, people don't want to be cooped inside they want to be outside! Its like being on holiday really. Thankyou

trevor stroud
What a terrible shame to let it deteriorate to this extent. Are there plans to renovate the lido?

Frank Collins
Given that we can expect a meditteranean climate, it is logical that the Lido should be puty back into service.

Bring back the outdoor swimming pool,it was the best and the nearest to the sea anywhere round droitiwch.Kids loved it

i used the lido as a Bromsgrove High School pupil in the 50's

Go for it! to swim outside is one of the great pleasures in life, especially in this country where summer is often so humid. Charge a decent entrance fee and it will attract the right customers. Why not take a look at Hampton Pool???? I spent many happy hours there before moving up here and now am struggling to find somewhere similar.

Sandra Palmer
It makes an ideal venue for families and friends to get together. Swimming is a healthy activity (better than dieting)- the site could be used for many types of functions - it could also promote healthy eating and exercise. It needs people who have vision to promote & understand that the Lido would benefit the community & encourage visitors. Droitwich would not only be known for the wonderful Brine Baths but also the unique feature of a seawater Lido (much better than the ordinary swimming baths). The Lido would generate revenue for the hotels, restaurants and shops, and I believe become an extremely popular feature in Droitwich.

John G
I remember family trips to the Lido in the 1960's and how feezing cold the water was, I don't know that people want to swim in such low temperatures now. In fact I don't really remember much swimming being done, more playing, jumping in using the slides, washing off in the fountain, and having as good a time as the sort of swimming one would do at the beach.

kevin bird
well i used to go there all summer in the 70s and i wish it was still open its great time back then please reopen it. it be great for the kids of today and allso it will keep them out of trouble.

Andy Shaw
It was a travesty that the Lido was closed in the first place, and it's even more of a travesty that so many attempts to re-open it have come to nothing, thanks in no small part to the incompetence of the companies contracted to deal with it. Get the local council to deal with it directly - I'm sure I'm not alone in a willingness to pay a little extra for the benefit of a properly-run pool.

Val Burton
Used to go swimming with the school there, fffreezing! Great place to go in the Summer on a warm day. Its a beautiful park with lots of memories, the lido should never have closed.

Dorothy Johnson
Yes i do think people would like to see the Lido opened again when i was a little girl i loved going out for the day to the local Lido and now the weather is looking better in England again i think you would do very well at one time we had the stewponey and the one the other side of Birmingham by Knowle is was a great day out.

Simone Edey
This should be restored and kept open to the public not only is it part of history, but, with children and aults alike getting less and less excersise and the climate getting warmer I think it would be used. Keep it open!

Amanda Ince
I always used the Lido as a child. I thnik it is lovly to have an outdoor salt water pool especially being 100 miles from the nearest seaside. It is an attrction which makes Drotwich a unique and special place.

hayley sherry
as children we had great fun in the lido. we would spend all day there playing it should be reopened it would mean that there would not be loads of kids hanging around in the streets all summer causing ASB.

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