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13 November 2014

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World War 1

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Trenches at Sanctuary Wood, Ypres, Belgium

Trenches at Sanctuary Wood, Ypres

My relative lies here

Scott, from the Chase High School in Malvern, finds that a trip to a relative's grave leaves him emotional and angry.

When we arrived in Nieuwpoort and the first thing we did was regain a memory of what happened there.

The Belgium soldiers flooded their own lands to slow down the Germans - after I knew that I felt thankful to the soldiers and Belgium itself.

There was a plan called 'The Schlieffen Plan' (it was made by Alfred Von Schlieffen) -  the plan was to take over Belgium very quickly.

As we know they didn't take over all of Belgium, but they almost did, and there was very little land left that was not in German hands.

In Flanders Fields (the famous poem by John McCrae) was given the name because where the land was flooded poppy flowers grew.

We went to many cemeteries, but only one will be kept in my head, and in that cemetery is a relative of my family called James Plaskett - Royal Pioneer.

When I visited the grave I felt emotional and angry at the same time.

I wondered, was the victory of the war worth all these deaths?

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You are in: Hereford and Worcester > World War 1 > My relative lies here

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