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28 October 2014

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Petrol pump

Fuel Day - Terry's blog

Rising fuel prices mean that Terry's family is having to cut back on its weekly shopping bill.

I thought that I would start by letting you know a bit about myself and my family.

My name is Terry, and I live with my wife Sarah and our three children in Wellington Heath, just outside Ledbury.

I am a Service Manager for Homebase, and work in Cheltenham, and my wife also works part time for Homebase in Ledbury, two nights a week.

We need to have two cars as the bus routes are appalling for the countryside, and the hours that I work means that I am not around to do the school run very often.

The cars that we drive are both Peugeots, mine being a 207 petrol 1.4i and Sarah's being an 807 people carrier 2.2i diesel, as that is the only car that will fit all of us in, when we go away.

This week I have spent over £100 in fuel, with the two cars, which on the low income that we receive is crippling us.

I get through a tank of petrol each week and Sarah around half a tank.

The rising costs have now meant that we have to think where we are going, and whether we can afford it, whereas last year we would have just gone and done it, and as a result we do not go out as much as a family as we used to.

It has also changed how Sarah food shops, as we now have to prioritise fuel before food, so that we can both get to school and work.

We have had to cut out the luxuries that we used to get when shopping, and get just the basics to survive.

Cheaper in town

I have also found that the cost of fuel in Ledbury and Cheltenham vary quite a bit.

As Ledbury only has one garage the prices tend to be higher - 133.9 for the diesel and 119.9 for the petrol - whereas in Cheltenham, where I get mine from before setting off for home, I am using the Sainsburys garage, and getting petrol for 117.9 and they are selling diesel for 128.9, which is a big difference.

So again it changes the way I fill up, as I try to make sure that I have enough to get through to Cheltenham so I can get cheaper petrol.

If rising fuel costs are having an impact on your life - let us know.  Email

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You are in: Hereford and Worcester > BBC Hereford and Worcester > Programme schedules > Breakfast > Fuel Day - Terry's blog

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