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24 September 2014

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Battle of Worcester

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Seald Knot muskets - photo by Richard Hammerton

Seald Knot (photo: Richard Hammerton)

Charles' army at the battle

Find out more about the Scots army and its commanders at the Battle of Worcester.

The army who fought for Charles at the battle of Worcester numbered around 16,000 men drawn from 46 different Scottish regiments and clans.

Highlanders played a key role in the defense of Powick Bridge and in the surrounding meadows.

An estimated 3,000 of these troops were killed in the battle, with another 2,000 being deported to work as forced labour in the North American colonies of New England and Virginia.


A Scottish nobleman he initially gained favour under Charles I and was made Secretary of State for Scotland.


Sealed Knot soldiers

He later fell out with the King and was arrested, but worked his way back into favour and fought against Parliament.

He fled to Holland after the Scots were defeated at the Battle of Preston in 1648.

He returned to serve under Charles II at the battle of Worcester, was shot in the thigh bone during the battle, and died in the Commandery, after refusing Cromwell's offer of a surgeon.


He was a professional soldier who's fought with distinction in the 30 years war in Europe.

He fought for Parliament in the First Civil war, and played an important part in their victory at Marston Moor in 1644.

He then became Lieutenant General of the Scots army, and switched his allegiances to support Charles II.

He commanded the cavalry reserve on Pitchcroft during the battle, and controversially failed to support Charles' attack against Red Hill and Perry Wood.

After the Battle he was captured and sent to the Tower of London.

After the restoration he was released and made Baron Newark.

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You are in: Hereford and Worcester > history > Battle of Worcester > Charles' army at the battle

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