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13 November 2014

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Six Deep Holiday

Six Deep Holiday

Ade, Jim, Colin and Andy from Kidderminster rockers Six Deep Holiday talk about why they think the current rock scene is rubbish and the disturbing disappearance of Roland Rat…

Classy Britrockers Six Deep Holiday used to be called Viva Finito. All the same, they brought their addictive blend of filthy pop to the George Hotel, as part of the 2005 Bewdley Festival!

Tom Edwards caught up with Ade, Jim, Colin and Andy for a swift pint and a chat about why they think the current rock scene is rubbish and the disturbing disappearance of Roland Rat…

Hello gentlemen, how are you?

Ade: We're alright thanks, looking forward to the gig tonight.

How would you describe the Six Deep Holiday 'sound'?

C: Dirty rock filth pop, that’s our tag line. Erm, Steps combined with Black Sabbath?

Sounds like an intriguing mix. This is actually the second coming for you guys isn't it?

A: We used to be a three piece about five years ago. We did that for six months, got some songs ready and then Colin moved away to be an entertainer.

"The world needs us now!"

Ade, Viva Finito

What do you mean exactly, like a Red Coat at Butlins?

C: It was holiday entertainment shows for pensioners. Frank Sinatra sort of stuff. Awful work, but it was a great learning experience and I've brought a lot of it back to the band.

Are you targeting an elderly audience with Six Deep Holiday?

C: If they buy the records great, but personally I think they'd hate us!

So what's different about the band this time round then?

A: The world needs us now! There's a lot different, we're a bit older and wiser more than anything. We're not kids anymore…to an extent.
J: It’s a bit more of a heartfelt and fuller sound than before.

Do you have a more serious agenda now, or is the idea still to play in the pubs for your mates?

A: We want to take it somewhere if we can.
C: It's been a dream all my life to play music, write music and play music for a living and this is the vehicle that we're doing it with.
A: You only get one chance and this is ours.
J: We are having a laugh doing it. I mean, there's no way we’d be doing it if we weren't having fun.
A: We'd end up like all those boring bands if we weren't enjoying it…like Franz Ferdinand!
J: You can definitely hear that we're having fun. We have a laugh and that's the end of it.
A: We always come off stage feeling really good.

Six Deep Holiday

Six Deep Holiday

You've already described yourselves as more of a live band, but you've just finished recording your demo so tell us about that.

C: We did it basically as a live thing, which is what we do best. We played together as a band, tidied it up afterwards and that's what we do.

Is that typical of how you do things in the studio?

A: To be honest, it was probably more to do with the time limit. We went down to Surrey and we only had a few hours to do it, so we just got it done.

What do you think of the current rock scene?

C: No fun. It's all this nu-metal and these American college punk bands, that's all it is.
J: From a British perspective it's just people moaning and pretending that they're on smack. Most of them seem to be trying to go down the Razorlight or Pete Doherty road.
A: We need a real rock band again. I think the last one was probably The Darkness. They're the only band over the last five or six years who came close to actually being a proper rock band.
J: All their songs are quality. The only thing is that they brought the comedy spandex element into it, which makes them not so credible.
C: They sold a lot of records though!
J: They did indeed.

Do you think that a band such as Six Deep Holiday is relevant today, or don't you care?

C: The music scene needs a kick up the backside and a shot in the arm and I think that we're the people to do it.
J: We're a lot more honest too. We're not a trendy band. We don't sing about poverty and then get picked up outside the gig by our daddy in his Land Rover. Just good, honest rock tunes.
A: Back to the basics, back to the old school.

Let's get down to the real nitty-gritty for a minute…

Andy: You mean like Ade's hair loss situation?

Well actually I was looking on your website a while back and all of the member profiles consistently identify Ade as the most hated person in the band. Why is this?

Andy: Spend a couple of hours with him and you'll find out.
A: It's because I'm an easy target! Mind you, I give them enough ammunition.
C: It's a love-hate relationship. We hate him, but we couldn't do without him really.

Six Deep Holiday

Six Deep Holiday

Who starts all the fights?

C: We don't really have any serious arguments.
J: I think that’s why it works so well with Ade being the butt of all the jokes. And even though physically he doesn't have them, emotionally he has broad shoulders and he takes it all well.
A: To be honest, I just sit back and take it these days. I'm used to it, it just flies over my head.

Name something about a fellow band member that makes you insanely jealous. You can lie if you want to…

Andy: Ade's fabulous hairline!
A: Good one. Erm…probably Colin's stage presence.
C: Ah well, that's just a craft you learn my boy. I'd say I'm pretty jealous of Jim's ring tone on his mobile phone.

Name someone famous who you'd like to have a drink with.

C: Evil Knievel. I'd love to meet him, I think he'd be an absolutely fantastic person.
Andy: Roland Rat. It would just be nice to have a chat with him and see how he’s doing, because we haven't seem him in years. It'd be nice to know where he is and what he's doing, 'cause he was so big and now you don't hear anything of him.

That's the fickle nature of fame though…

J: Mine's probably Mr Kipling, so that I can get hold of his secret recipe.

What's the most embarrassing album in your record collections?

J: Right Said Fred, they're pretty embarrassing. And Papa Roach, they're pretty bad.
C: I have to say that I love all of mine.
A: I bought an album by an Italian techno metal band called Cubinate and that's awful.
Andy: I think that David Essex 'Dream Racer' was a low point for me. On vinyl as well, I'd really hit rock bottom by that point!

Sadly, in 2008, the band decided to 'call it a day' and Six Deep Holiday were no more.

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