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27 November 2014
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Age Rage

Depressed person

Inspired to save another life

BBC Hereford and Worcester launches a special week of programmes to help the over 45's find work...

A death could have been prevented

At 63, George Turner, unemployed and desperate, took a rope and hanged himself in the hallway of his Worcester home.

video Video: Sylvia tells of when she found her husband >
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He was just one of the silent victims of ageism in the workplace - but the one whose personal tragedy moved the BBC Hereford and Worcester team to focus on this issue.

The BBC is trained not to take a particular stance on a story - but in this case, we felt so strongly, we couldn't just sit back and do nothing about a problem that's blighting the lives of thousands of people across Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

And so, BBC Hereford and Worcester has launched a special campaign aimed at fighting age discrimination in the workplace.

Over the hill at 45+?

Candidates montage
The candidates

This major event has been called AGE RAGE because we - like you - are angry that some people find themselves on the 'scrapheap' simply because there are younger candidates on the job market.

It's not going to change things overnight, but if we can help just one person NOT to end their life (as George did) then it will have been worth it.

As part of the project, BBC Hereford and Worcester has selected a group, whose ages range from 45 to 69 years old, from around the two counties, who are finding their age is proving to be a barrier to work.

They're being given expert advice and help to find employers who can offer them work placements.

Transforming their lives or offering false hope?

Experts montage
The experts

BBC Hereford and Worcester will be examining the inspirational stories of these real people who are overcoming problems of ageism, sharing their master classes from employment specialists, and looking at how sit-coms have tackled ageism through humour.

Can you help too?

BBC Hereford and Worcester would like to hear from you if you have experienced:

  • Losing out on a job because of your age?
  • Successfully overcoming ageism?
  • Being one of the oldest workers in your job?
  • Feeling desperate to get back to work?

The radio station can offer expert advice to help you.

Please send your name, contact number and details on the following email link:

Send us an email email:

BBC Hereford and Worcester looks forward to hearing YOUR story.

Follow this project

Find out how successful this group of job seekers from the two counties are as BBC Hereford and Worcester helps them look for work.

Tune in to BBC Hereford and Worcester each weekday from 6.30am to 7pm during Monday 20 and Friday 24 November 2006.

104, 104.4, 104.6, and 94.7 FM plus 738 and 1584 AM.

BBC Hereford and Worcester decided to test if young and old people are treated similarly or differently.

The appearance of an man who's 24 years old was transformed by a make-up artist to look significantly older.

He was then taken to a charity shop to be fitted out with clothes typically worn by an older man.

His experience was recorded and made into a short film:

video Watch video: Steptoe & Son makeover >
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Don't get mad - get even - AGE RAGE - on air and on line.

last updated: 22/11/06
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Age Rage

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