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24 September 2014

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Sean Bean, playing the role of Andy McNab

Andy McNab during the first Gulf War

Famous Herefordians!

Nell Gwynne, Frank Oz, Andy McNab - tell us your suggestion for the most famous Herefordian...

While other towns and cities promote their links with their famous sons and daughters, Herefordshire has always been strangely reticent. Then again, some of the contenders for the title of 'famous Herefordian' have led rather colourful lives!

These days many rich and famous people have chosen to make Herefordshire their home.

Andy McNab

The former SAS soldier Andy McNab, who wrote books on his experiences in the first gulf war, used to live here with the regiment.

He now regularly appears on TV and radio, as well as public speaking at literary festivals.

Nell Gwynne (played by an actress)

Nell Gwynn

Nell Gwynne

King Charles II mistress hails from Hereford - anybody in the city will tell you that, even though Oxford and London also lay claim to her.

After an early career as a street trader, Nell became a famous actress where she caught the King's eye.

There are several memorials to her in the city - the former Edgar Street theatre was named after her, and there are several plaques in her name near the cathedral.

James Honeyman-Scott, Pete Fardon & Martin Chambers

James Honeyman-Scott was a british rock musician and one of the founding members of 'The Pretenders'.

He wrote most of the band's hits with Pete Fardon and Martin Chambers - although their career was based in London they all come from Hereford.

Star Wars thanks to Milton?

Star Wars thanks to Milton?

Frank Oz

Another actor born in Hereford is the American Frank Oz.

His parents were living in the city at the time of his birth although he only spent the first weeks of his life here before they moved on.

Frank is probably best known as the voice of various characters on the Muppet show including Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear and Yoda in Star Wars.

Monty Don

Monty Don

Monty Don

Garden-guru Monty Don follows in the footsteps of gardening greats Percy Thrower, Geoff Hamilton and Alan Titchmarsh, as the main presenter of Gardeners' World.

Monty has a two-acre garden in Herefordshire, where he lives with his wife Sarah and their three children.

But who do you know?

There are so many more famous names, past and present. We need your help to compile our very list right here.

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Have Your Say

Who would you nominate for the title of 'Famous Herefordian'? Fill out the form below and we'll include them here on this website.

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Dermot O'Leilly
Dermot O'Leilly Is The Presenter On The Xfactor He Was Born In Hereford,By Kiera 13years In Hereford.

how about tom winter all england bare knuckle champion who came from fownhope and also owned the booth hall pub

violet zarbo from Wormlow, Hefd. famous british resistance. stayed at her aunts cottage. memorial museum is there. Carve Her Name With Pride made about her. Extremely important and needs mentioning.

Clare Williams
Beryl Reid is a famous Herefordian, and The Pretenders originated from Hereford!

To be a Herefordian - surely you should be born and bred here. But my suggestion is Mike Oldfield - Hergest Ridge - Kington

Hereford Boy
How about David Gilbert-Smith MC ex SAS hero, scottish rugby international and founder and CEO of The Leadership Trust in Ross-on-Wye? Great bloke who changed the lives of thousands!

Tara Stuchberry
i think boycie who lives in wigmore is the closest famous person we have near to us hear in leominster

Yvonne Stimpson
Pete Overend Watts, Mick Ralphs and Dale Griffin of course!

Caroline McPherson
gordon whistance, interior designer and presenter. Changing rooms, house trap, home front, etc..

Deda Olwyn
i think that the famous name should be more of a natural occurance and therefore herfordshire cattle get my vote

Roy Harper - Poet and musician. Famous for his captivating solo work, work with Led Zepplin and Pink floyd. Used to live near Bodenham.

footballers.we all go to see hereford play. so they must be famous!!!

Neil Ivison
How about Mick Ralphs (guitarist), Pete 'Overend' Watts (bass) and Dale Griffin (drums) from Herefords finest band Mott The Hoople? Pete Watts is also credited as one of the very first people to wear/make platform boots. Elton John saw him wearing them and knicked the idea!

George Hill
Mark Bolam (T-Rex) lived near Ross on Wye for a while.

Gilbert Harding, actor, was born in Hereford his mother was matron of the workhouse which is now offices at the County Hospital

The character of Falstaff immortalised by William Shakespeare in Henry IV parts one and two was actually none other than Sir John Oldcastle...the volatile and opinionated Herefordian executed for his unpopular religious convictions. The name of Sir John Oldcastle, used in original texts, was changed to Falstaff in a "politically correct" move by Mssr Shakespear. Sir John was a formidable soldier and had a well deserved reputation for being one of the bawdiest men of his time.

Albert Lee, one of the worlds greatest guitarists was born at lingen.

Molly Sugden, Tracy (80s Singer), Lofty Wiseman, one of the guys from Jethro Tull, David Icke, and Me !!

Jon Isaac
Peter Isaac player,coach,physiotherapist,kit man and manager worked with all the past greats at Edgar Street the likes of Ray Daniels,Joe Wade and many more. .A truely amazing man and an ambassidor to Hereford

Mick Ralphs and Dale 'Buffin' Griffin of the band Mott The Hoople both hail from Herefordshire. 'All the Young Dude' was probably their most famous hit and it was written for them by David Bowie.

Abby Whyte
John Challis (Boycie from Only Fools and Horses and Green Green Grass) lives in Wigmore, Herfordshire

Brian Croose
The Hereford Bull famous al over the world and Bulmers Cider what more can i say

Sam Ford
he was the main person behind the building of the hereford cathedral

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