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24 September 2014
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About Worcestershire

Hospital ward

Worcestershire Hospital cuts - have your say

More than 700 jobs are threatened by cutbacks planned at the organisation that runs hospitals in Worcestershire. The Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has overspent by around £5.5m. Tell us what you think.

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
Description:The Trust that runs hospitals in Worcestershire, including the Alexandra in Redditch, Kidderminster Hospital, and the Worcestershire Royal Infirmary
Organisation Type:Non profit
Address:Charles Hastings Way
Telephone:01906 763333
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Start Date:Sat 01th, January 2000

Dr Richard Taylor was elected as the independent MP for Wyre Forest on a platform of saving Kidderminster Hospital.

BBC H&W's Richard Wilford spoke to Dr Taylor about the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust's cash shortfall and how it would affect the survival of the hospital in his constituency.

If you're going to be affected by the proposed staff cuts or have an opinion about the situation, please let us know through the 'Have Your Say' box below.

If you'd like to contact us in confidence, BBC Hereford & Worcester has a special number:

0784 100 44 84

The number connects to a voice mail box and can receive texts, photos and video clips.

These are the figures released today by the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust - the organisation that runs the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Kidderminster Hospital and the Worcestershire Royal Infirmary.

  • 720 jobs could be affected.
  • More than 100 posts have already been frozen.
  • The cuts would reduce the Trust's workforce of 4,500 by 16%.
  • The Trust say they lose 10% of their workforce in a normal year, and hope to achieve some of the cuts through natural wastage.
  • Since the Trust was formed in 2000 it has taken on nearly 1000 extra staff - this includes 130 extra doctors and 500 nurses.
  • The Trust's overspend at the end of 2005/6 is around £5.5m.
  • Despite an expected extra £10m in funding, this year the Trust is predicting a 'funding gap' of £30m.
  • Their annual turnover is £250m.
  • They also plan to make savings of £10m by efficiency improvements and cost reduction.

last updated: 11/04/06
Have Your Say
Tell us what you think of these job cuts, and the dire financial situation at Worcestershire's hospitals. Are you confident patients won't suffer?
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The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Lisa S
I think that it is absolutely discusting, the fact that we pay all this national insurance and we still get treated badly, we have to wait months to get any treatment and a diagnoses to be made. This is a matter of life and death and things need to be sorted!

My Gran has been in and out of hospital for the past month complaining of pain in her stomach and back, the hospital just pumped her full with morphine and discharged her. Now her pain has got so bad they finally took her for a scan to find out that she has very big gall stones! The way she has been treated at the Alex Hospital in redditch is very disappointing. She now has to wait a further two weeks for any thing more to be done. the hospital is dirty and none of the staff keep you updated.i am discusted.

Restructuring or redesigning organisations - whether for profit or for non-profit - is a difficult task, the success of which depends on the strategic vision and methodologies utilised for the design and implementation of changes. Those changes are always focused on reducing costs while improving or at least maintaining existing levels of customer satisfaction. Therefore, all changes are made for providing better services while reducing waste in costs. Having read all the information available, all proposed changes are focused on cutting costs, whereas customer satisfaction is left out of the equation. Centralising services will also lead to redundancies, and consequently knowledge will disappear with the redundant employees, unless the trust is running a learning organisation, which according to the reports is either impossible or is not working properly. Concluding, it appears that the trust have no vision and is using methodologies that have been proved unsuccessful, which in terms of provision of health services will lead to a complete disaster for all stakeholders.

Kate Haywood
I can't believe that they are looking to down size Redditch hospital. What on earth is going on here in worcestershire! There is no way that worcester can cope with even more patients that are going to have to be transfererd. I am 9 months pregnant and was meant to be induced at worcester . Whan I got there they told me I would have to go to redditch. This is proof that there is a constant shortage of beds. I am now 4 days later still waiting to be induced as there is still a backlog. We need to keep redditch hospital open!!!!!!

I note from the annual reports that for 2003/2004 compared to 2004/2005, the CEO salary went from £75k - £80k banding to £140k - £145k, the CFO from £40k - £45k to £95k - £100k and the COO from £55k -£60k to £85k - £90k. Whilst success should be rewarded are these officers making a gesture to the trust by resuming there 2003/2004 level salaries in order to save up to an estimated £160k which would save several positions for the trust?

In the NHS we see an ever increasing number of senior managers with large pay packets being employed but very little actual management being achieved. Meanwhile cuts to front line staff mean additional pressure on those left behind. Based on Salary - for one "Assistant Chief Executive" you can get THREE nurses - so where's the Value for Money the government keeps spouting on about?

Jim Millar
Is this not typical of the inept way that the NHS has been managed since the 60s.instead of off- loading trained nurses, start to get rid of the back room staff. They are the ones who are costing the service a fortune.

sean smith
I work for a very large recruitment agency that provide staff to the NHS. Agencies are ripping off hospitals by charging what is know as on-costs for locum staff. This charge is a made up charge which if queried agencies say that the charge is for admin&employers NI. Which is a total lie because if the locum is with an agency then they are encouraged to use a LTD company so the agency doesnt pay any holiday pay or NI contributions. This is a total rip off by agencies trust me i work for an agency and see hospitals blinded with this rubbish everyday. That is where a large proportion of their money is going when it could be spent on life saving operations. NHS is being ripped off by these on-costs agencies charge...

Although I am an NHS employee, my prime concern is not loosing my job, but the NHS service (if any) that will look after me in the future. Health comes first and foremost yet it seems that Blair's actions are causing the closing down of key health care units - the A&E department. Although I think that Blair is one of the best politicians Britain has ever seen, I am looking forward to voting for an alternative party who will clear all this mess up.

margaret brown
patient won't suffer if all the unnecessary top grade nursing comes to an end by that i mean we need more hands on not the nurses manager sitting in the offices gossiping.

i work in a hospital and there are so many adminisrators who are not required. totaly a waste of time and money. employ someone with business sense to sort the Nhs out

john younger
it is all well and good to state that the measured targets will be met. what about the things which are not targetted like phyysio treatment for all patients which still falls in the remit of hospitals i believe. i have had a stroke and have had to fight tooth and nail to get treatment and recently had to accept the inevitable that one visit a week is unsatisfactory and if i had more treatment i may walk again and regain the functionality in my arm. the poignient fact then would be my return to the workplace and actually contribute to the exchequer instead of being a drain. i think the way finances in the public secter are utilised are not only archaic but totally inappropriate. they have so many different budget areas that it is harder to work out who pays for what. i paid my taxes into the central fund not just certain areas and would so much like to voice my opinion in the faces of the false faces of the politicians.

I work for one of the hospitals and it is ok to say GET RID of admin, but if we weren;t there for just one day.... a stand still would happen, we know less than everyone else, consultation is very low.... I do not agree with the nurses going or admin.. look higher at the managers and under managers and deputy managers doing the managers jobs... How about moving supplus staff to posts that are hugely needed inother departments....

Student nurse
I gave up a good job to train as a nurse and it now looks like there will be no jobs available at the end of the 3 years. Very short sighted on the health service to bring over the adaptation nurses to plug the so called "GAP" due to a supposed shortage of nurses. Hope my family receives the support the adaptation nurses and their families currently get from the NHS.

What we are seeing is the result of "Thatchers" goverment, privatise everthing including the health service. Why is there a £30m fund gap? is it because of bad financial management? PFI, They are the only ones benifiting, they will still get their money! whilst the service the public pays for is reduced. Who Signed the PFI Contract? The question I would ask the people who did is why sign a contract that limits the hospital to only 90% capacity, over an above and financial penalties are imposed. Nurses, it's only a few years ago the shortfall was being filled by migrant worker on less money then British trained nurses, so all of a sudden we have to many? I wonder who will be first to be made redundant? the migrant nurses on less mony or the British trained nurses on higher pay!!!!!!

David Harding
I personally think this government has its priorities completely wrong. I read in the news today that they are giving £8 billion to third world education when this countries NHS is being run into the ground by lack of investment and mis-management. When will they wake up and look after this country first?

Mike Foster said it would be easy to slip into a "Blame the Manager" culture ! Who else does he think is responsible for the mess ? The Nurses!. Go to the hospital at the weekend and see how many parking spaces there are compared to the weekday's. Nursing is a vocation chosen by caring people, I would hate to think of my life being in the hand of a manager......

Seems easy to blame the managers doesn't it but who really has to sort out waiting lists, payment by results, targets. If somebody didn't sort this out the hospitals wouldn't get paid a bean - less hysteria please - this is real life.

Helen Ball
Investigate the management, What is the point in my daughter training to be a nurse if no jobs locally. There is no NHS without the true workers.

Richard Causton
As long as the cut are in "administration" and not in the hospitals, whats the problem?


Greg Mansell
Sooner this government"s gone the better .Where do our taxes go ?

I work at one of the hospitals and blame poor management & lack of insight into how these redundancies will reduce the quality of patient care. The nurses within the trust are already working more than their job spec but now those who are left will be brought to breaking point.

Craig Lanham
A very sad day for the people of Worcestershire. Financial mismanagement at the trust and national government is the main driver. Why do we not see any of the responsible individuals take the blame? Instead front line services are decimated whilst those responsible continue in post.

Wayne Hurren
Easy to fix, just do what NHS trusts always do... sack the workers and hire more managers. There is a chronic shortage of managers.

more national insurance and still this. sack the managers

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