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7 November 2014
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MP calls for child killer ban

Worcester MP Michael Forster is calling for David McGreavy, convicted of killing three children in the city in 1973, to be banned from returning.

A man who killed three children at their home in Worcester more than three decades ago should be banned from returning to the City of Worcester, according to Mike Foster MP, who is the member of Parliament for Worcester.

It follows allegations that 54 year old David McGreavy has been allowed out of Ford Prison in West Sussex on unescorted trips to Liverpool.

David McGreavy
David McGreavy

Mike Foster says it's a case that fills many people with horror and feels it would be unacceptable for him to return:

"The memories live long because of the horrors of the McGreavy case.

"That's what worries me about, first of all, the release from prison, and then whether McGreavy will ever be allowed to come back to the city of Worcester".

McGreavy was found guilty of murdering three children - Paul, aged four, Dawn, aged two and Samantha aged nine months - on 13 April 1973.

He then impaled the youngsters on railings in the house garden.

The Judge was Mr Justice Ashworth.

He said at the time, "There is only one sentence I can pass, and that is life imprisonment.

"but in this case, so appalling to the Crown, and in the public interest so grave as to risk any repetition, I recommend the sentence should not elapse before 20 years."

last updated: 04/01/06
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laura carey
i also live around the corner and i think he is an evil human being and they should lock him up and throw away the key

Natasha Bowley
Bring the death penalty backi'm a 15 year old and i have a older sister and a younger brother and i would hate to think someone might try to hurt them in anyway i strongley agree with David McGreavy not being allowed in to worcester again i think that is the right thing to do

Mr. C
I also live yards from the house and was 3 years old at the time of this monsterous act. Yet again an example of how the justice system in this country has been weighted towards the criminal and not the victim. This man was deemed sane at the time of this act. So he WILL re-offend. How any govenment can all a system to prevail that allows a criminal like this to walk un-supervised is another example of how serious this left-wing destruction of law and order has become.

Mrs Woods
Bring back the death penalty!!! Monsters like this are still a danger to our children

robert. coventry
what is the world coming to. society is sick beyond belief. he should never ever be released

i do not agree with him being let out this early in his sentance. life imprisonment sould be the solution!

i believe this case was of one of a man who has been tried and convicted for is actions. i do not believe that he sould have been released for prison after the horrfic crimes he has commited

i think that people like him should be sentenced to the electric chair and he is a danger to children.

jason carey
i live around the corner from the house and i think it is dispicable that this evil thing is allowed back out of prison

Margery Condie
Nothing will bring back those three innocents but 11years per killing seems a tiny price to pay.Tiny children don't stand a chance against an adult killer therefore prison sentences should reflect this.McGreavy should serve 33 years for each murder.

Robert Wilcox
When will our society accept, that the murdering and sexual abuse of our children, (proven beyond doubt),can only result in the death sentence? An individual who can make the decision to commit such an act when given the choice, cannot be "cured" with any treatment. Will it take a case to happen to someone you know for you to change your mind?

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