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24 September 2014
Hereford and WorcesterHereford and Worcester

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Mash Cinema
Mash Cinema

Mash it up

Interview with Phill Huxley
Hereford's Mash Cinema project is about bringing film, music and art together in a creative setting. We spoke to Mash Cinema founder Dan Brown.

Mash Cinema is about bringing films, music and art together in an informal setting and exposing audiences to things they would otherwise not have access to. It is loose, fluid and about breaking out of the standard cinema structure of rows of chairs and a cinema screen.

The project was created by Dan Brown with the aim of pushing innovative, inspiring and thought provoking films and media in Herefordshire. Dan explains:

"There's so much media activity and so many films being produced in this area that there needed to be an outlet for it."

Platform for local film-makers

In 2002 Dan got together with a group of young film makers from the local area for a screening of their work - and Mash Cinema was born.

Dan Brown on top of a large building in Hereford
Dan Brown from Mash Cinema

"I wanted Mash to be a platform for local people to show their work, whether it was film, art, photography or music - whatever they wanted to do."

From there Mash Cinema branched out to put on screenings of films from outside the region and abroad - with the aim to inspire people creatively.

Multimedia experience

The next step has been fusing together film with music and art for a full on multimedia experience. Mash Cinema organises one off special events in Hereford and beyond.

At the Borderlines Film Festival 2005 at the Courtyard in Hereford, Mash Cinema put on an event based around street art and graffiti. To open proceedings Dan invited Hereford Hip Hop Crew The Anomalies to open proceedings with a ten minute set.

Then there are the plans to hold a film screening and event on top of a large building in Hereford city centre as part of Art Week in September.

If there's one thing that Dan and the Mash Cinema isn't short of, it's innovation.

Mash Cinema at the Big Chill

Mash Cinema are showing four films at the Big Chill in the Media Mix tent from 1:00pm - 2:30pm. The films are based around the topic of Urban Pursuits:

  • Outside the Square - Shyam Ganju (Australia)
  • Apostrophe - Barnstormers (USA and Japan)
  • Acces(s) - Eko (France)
  • Public Discourse - Downey and Darius (USA)

Listen to the interview

The interview is split into two parts:

In Part One of the interview Dan talks about:

  • The creation of Mash Cinema
  • The ethos behind the project
  • Supporting local film makers
  • Bringing art, music and film together

In Part Two he talks about:

  • Mash Cinema at the Big Chill
  • Putting Hereford on the map
  • Top secret plans for Hereford Art Week
  • His 'day job' as a filmmaker and editor
  • Nurturing the Mash Cinema project
  • The Future of Mash Cinema

To find out more - visit the Mash Cinema website:

Mash Cinema >
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