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13 November 2014

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Faster Chef

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Fasterchef - Calves Liver

Love cooking, but don't think you can make a great meal with your 100mph hectic lifestyle? Let BBC Radio Solent's Jon Cuthill help you with a variety of different tasty and speedy recipes.

The World of Jon Cuthill Vault

Every week Jon Cuthill invites some of the South's best chefs to take the Faster Chef Challenge. Their task is to cook a meal live on the radio in under five minutes, and make it look, smell and taste delicious. You can also click on the link below to download other recipes from the series.

Seared calves liver with grapes and agri dulce dressing

By Peter Hayes from Banks Bar Bistro in Bishops Waltham. 

Calves liver with grapes and agri dulce dressing

Calves liver with grapes and agri dulce

2 thin slices of fresh calves liver (skinned and tubes removed)
50g of peeled black grapes
50g of watercress
50g of baby spinach or chard
5g of soaked sultanas in white wine
100g of cooked anya potatoes
2 shallots
1 cooked beetroot
25ml of forum vinegar (cabernet sauvignon)
25ml of virgin olive oil
10g sugar

Peter Hayes from Banks Bar in Bishops Waltham

Peter Hayes, Banks in Bishops Waltham


1. First prepare wash and dry the watercress and spinach leaves.
2. Make a dressing with half of the vinegar and the olive oil.
3. Slice the potatoes and sauté in a little butter with the sliced shallots
4. Dress the salad leaves with the dressing and place in the centre of 2 warm plates.
5. Thinly slice the beetroot and lay on top of the salad leaves.
6. Warm the grapes slightly and again place on the salad. 
7. Season liver and cook in hot non stick pan approximately 30 seconds on each side.
8. Place at the side of the dressed salad.
9. Return the pan to the heat and add the sugar, sultanas and vinegar.
10. Reduce to a glaze and spoon over the cooked liver.
11. Finish by placing the potatoes on the plates.


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You are in: Hampshire > BBC Radio Solent > Jon Cuthill > Info Vault > Faster Chef > Fasterchef - Calves Liver

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