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21 April 2014
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You are in: Hampshire > Places > Places Features > UFOs over the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight night sky (reconstruction)

Islanders saw "bright lights"

UFOs over the Isle of Wight

A number of Isle of Wight residents have spotted strange UFO lights in the night sky from a silent, low flying brightly lit craft.

A number of Islanders have reported sightings of a brightly lit yellow-ish craft which hovers low in the night sky.

Spotters have been able to watch the object for some time, and although it seems close by it makes no noise and then disappears in a split second.

The Isle of Wight County Press first ran a story after former RAF Engine Technician Frank Webb reported his sighting of the UFO in the night sky over Newport.

What happened next was quite extraordinary - as the paper's editor Alan Marriott explains:

"We thought it would be a one-off, but we were just inundated with responses - people all over the Island were claiming to have seen things, the scale of it was outstanding."

Frank Webb, Newport, Isle of Wight

Frank Webb spotted the craft in Newport

Frank Webb, who spent 22 years in the RAF, first saw the UFO on Sunday 27 January as he walked along Terrace Road, Newport with his wife .

 "I saw these very bright lights in the sky coming towards us, it was going from west to east."

"The lights were unusually bright - and as it got closer I realised that there was no navigation lights, so we stood there and watched; there was no engine noise whatsoever although it wasn't losing height, so it had got its power from somewhere."

Frank spoke to the local police and Southampton Airport incase it was an aircraft in trouble. 

His sighting was not alone - there were many others including Richard McFarlane and Barry Holland who were cleaning at Calbourne Classics, an ice-cream company near Shalfleet on the same Sunday night.

"We saw a yellow coloured light in the sky above the trees and I though that's a satellite, but it looked a bit low, we just stood there for two or three minutes wondering what it was."

"I saw it move slightly and thought perhaps it's a helicopter, but it had no navigation lights at all and no engine noise," Barry explained. "It was yellow with like an aura around it and it was just static in the sky apart from when I saw it undulate for about five seconds."

"I'm not saying it was little green men from Mars, but what I am saying is it was an object in the sky that I couldn't identify" he added.

There is no doubt that unidentified objects in the sky exist. The question is – what are they? Have people witnessed alien fly-bys or something more mundane?

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created: 08/02/2008

Have Your Say

Have you seen this UFO over the Isle of Wight?

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I've since seen reports that these could be ornage laterns tied together. If this was the case is must have been a single string many hundreds of yards long.

A number of people saw up to ten of these orange lights moving in a line across the sky of our campsite near Shanklin on Saturday 20th September.Is there any official explanation of what they are?

Daniel & Lewis Murray
i have just seen the same thing around 8.20pm moving aross the sky slow at first then quickly my brother also saw it its all most like a fireball in the sky i also sore somthing simular at the isle of wight festival but thort it might be part of the festival the after the reading festival i was listening to the radio and some 1 discribed the same thing on a text in saying they saw it at that festival

Keith and Emma Jefferies
on 13th Sept at 9pm we saw three lights in the sky in a line that then formed in to a triangle and then several more followed, there was no sound and there gradually disappeared one by one.They vanished over Sandown Bay after several minutes. We filmed on our camera but it,s quite hard to make out.Then when we viewed the film on the PC we noticed that at the right hand corner on the bottom a light pops up on the film and moves eractically for a few seconds and then goes. We did not see it when we were filming.

Sharon & Chris Cade
Since last friday we have been trying to find out what these lights which seemed to be gliding in an easterly direction were. We have spoken to a few people from the area and it seems they could possibly be some sort of small air balloon. We have heard that some people down in the village had released items the size of spud bags with tea tree lights attached, and they float off but eventualy burn out which would give the impression that they vanish. It would also answer why no sound is heard & why they seem so low in hight. We searched on line & found a number of sites which show how to make these tissue mini hot air balloons. Could this be the answer or do we keep getting visiters gliding through our skies.

Ron Byrom
On the night of the 08/08/08 at about 22.00hrs we saw a number of lights +-10 flying together over Liphook Hants.The lights were moving quickly across the sky and we could not hear any noise from them.they were moving too fast to be planes of helicopters.these moved off in the direction of Guildford and were followed shortly by two more that went off in the general direction of the coast.what are they?

Robert and Rosie Powers
We saw this twice in the past few months. It looks like it was above the Gosport area from our view in Ryde near the pier. It was yellowish at first and very bright hovering low maybe 200 feet above the ground. The light turned to a bright red, a candy apple red colour then suddenly it disappeared. We've seen it in the same area and the last time was about two weeks ago at the end of June 2008 at around 9pm.

Miss Gilliam
We saw a large yelloy-orange globe of light hovering in the sky last night (24/06/2008) at 10.30, it then sped through the air at very fast speed and vanished right in front of us, ten minutes later it was spotted again speeding in the sky down St Johns Hill, then once again vanished,

You are in: Hampshire > Places > Places Features > UFOs over the Isle of Wight

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