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13 November 2014

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Faster Chef

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Faster Chef - Griddled Calamari

Love cooking, but don't think you can make a great meal with your 100mph hectic lifestyle? Let BBC Radio Solent's Jon Cuthill help you with a variety of different tasty and speedy recipes.

The World of Jon Cuthill Vault

Every week Jon Cuthill invites some of the South's best chefs to take the Faster Chef Challenge. Their task is to cook a meal live on the radio in under five minutes, and make it look, smell and taste delicious. You can also click on the link below to download other recipes from the series.

Chef Ian Baker

Ian Baker - Head Chef at Coco Rio

Griddled Calamari, tiger prawns and chorizo with toasted sesame seeds, chilli and garlic.

By Ian Baker from Coco Rio

1x Large squid tube (Cleaned and scored)
4x Large Tiger prawns (Deshelled)
A few finely sliced pieces of chorizo sausage
1/4 of a redonion finely diced
2x cloves of garlic (shell removed and crushed but kept whole)
1/2 a chilli (seeds removed- optional!)
10g (approx) sesame seeds toasted
A dash of sesame oil
1/2 a lemon for the juice
A pinch of sea salt
Handful of rocket and Balsamic vinegar to finish

Griddled Calamari

A finished Calamari

1. Add two pans to the heat- a griddle pan with a dash of sesame oil for the seafood and a dry pan for toasting the sesame seeds

2. Cut in half the large squid tube and scrape any unwanted flesh from the inside, with a sharp knife score the squid tube on one side both ways diagonally, this will help the squid to cook faster and roll up.

3. To your preheated griddle pan add your crushed garlic cloves whole and deshelled tiger prawns, the prawns will take the longest to cook. Allow the prawns to cook for one minute on one side then turn.

4. Once the prawns have been turned add the squid tubes scored side down, the squid will start to roll up whilst cooking.

5. When the squid has fully rolled up add the thinly sliced chorizo and lemon juice, cook for a further minute. In the other pan add your sesame seeds and cook until nicely toasted, turning all the time.

6. Remove rolled squid from the pan and slice into approximately 1cm disks, present on plate with the prawns and chorizo discarding the garlic cloves.

7. Sprinkle over the top the finely diced red onion, chilli, toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil

8. Finish with a handful of rocket and balsamic vinegar.

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You are in: Hampshire > BBC Radio Solent > Jon Cuthill > Info Vault > Faster Chef > Faster Chef - Griddled Calamari

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