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24 September 2014

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Morning Runner
Morning Runner

Morning Runner - Interview

Indy Almroth-Wright
The hotly tipped four-piece from Reading, who play big-hearted indie rock tunes are making a trip back to Southampton's legendary venue, The Joiners in February.

Morning Runner

  • Matthew Greener - Guitar/vocals
  • Tom Derrett - Bass
  • Fields - Keys
  • Ali Clewer - Drums

You've been to The Joiners before, what did you make of it?

I really liked it, last time we came to Southampton there were loads of people there. We were a bit surprised really because we'd never played at Southampton before. Have you been down to the dressing room? My word!  I don't know how you'd describe it, do you look at it romantically and say it's just so rock n' roll or is it a real hole?  It's just how you want to look at it, but it's a great dressing room. 

Our drummer can't stand up down there, I think there's a hole in the roof so if he wants to stand up straight he has to stand with his head in the hole.  I don't think we've written on the wall yet, but we may have stuck a sticker on -  because where people have written on the walls there's always something really horrible written underneath about the band, so it's like inviting someone to slate you.  It is like being in a bit of a pit down there, but it's fine I like those sort of places.

How did you get together as a band?

We were all playing in different bands in Reading, I was drumming and Tom and Ali were playing together in another band.  I was playing some solo stuff and got asked to play a gig with a band (which I didn't have) but agreed to do it and then had a week to get a band together.  So we all met, became a band and then Fields joined about a week later.

Why is Chris known as Fields?

Because his surname is Wheatcroft and I think it has something to do with the fact that his name has 'Wheat' in it so he got called 'Wheat Fields' and he did work on a farm.  I met him after he'd been called it so that's all I know him as, I only call him Chris when he's annoying me!

You've just come off tour with Stephen Fretwell, how was it?

It was good, it was quite a bizarre tour because on the last date we played to an all seated audience which was very, very strange.  We've never really done that before so we had to quieten things down a little bit, so we didn't clear the hall!  But it was nice - it was like playing at a variety show with a deathly silence between each song and quite an intimate atmosphere which I really enjoyed to be honest.  I think people really listened to us which was really nice, it's great when crowds are really bouncy and going a bit mad -  but it's nice to know when the lyrics are being listened to, and when people are sitting down I think they have more chance to listen to them.

You also supported Coldplay on their recent stadium tour, was that a daunting experience for the band?

I think it should have been, but it wasn't, it was just fun. We just took each day at a time and it was just a mad experience because it was so big.  We just enjoyed it and tried to have as much fun as possible.  We just ran around like idiots most of the time!

What's the latest news on the forthcoming album?

It's finished, and it's being released on March 6th, there's a single that comes out beforehand called Burning Benches.  We're just building up to the release now by going on this tour in February for six weeks.

That's a long old time on the road, are you well prepared?

No I'm not!  It's going to be character building for sure!  I don't know how we're going to do it, it gets exhausting after just three weeks so six is going to be.... I dunno, I just want to get through it, enjoy it and watch our fan base grow as we do it. That's what's exciting about long tours, when you get to the last week you see how much it's benefited you.

Do you have a band fad at the moment?

Yep, Dairylea Dunkers.  We have a regular argument as to whether the jumbo tubes or the regular original sticks are the best and it's got to be the jumbo tubes.  This is what happens when you go to so many service stations!  Having those Dairylea Dunkers becomes an experience.

You can see Morning Runner in the flesh with The Alaskan Pipeline at The Joiners on Tuesday 21st February, Box Office 02380 632601.

last updated: 19/01/06
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