Past Productions: 1700-1900

Past Productions: On the RSC stage - 1700-1900

On the RSC stage

1700-1900 Sophistication over time
1901-1940 Beyond Shakespeare's words
1948 Gothic Hamlet
1958 60-year old Hamlet
1965 Sixties' Hamlet
1970 Singing Ophelia
1975 Claustrophobic Hamlet
1980 Visible ghost
1984 Boisterous Claudius
1989 Rebel without a cause
1992 Edwardian Hamlet
1997 Ophelia on pills
2001 CCTV Hamlet
2004 Bent double ghost
2008 Modern iconic Hamlet

Past Productions: On Screen

1913 Johnson Forbes Robertson
1944 John Gielgud
1948 Laurence Olivier
1963 P O'Toole, O Welles, E Milton discuss
1964 Christopher Plummer, Michael Caine
1980 Derek Jacobi, Patrick Stewart
1990 Mel Gibson
1996 Kenneth Branagh
1998 Alex Jennings

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