What happens to your online life after you die?

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1. Have you thought about your digital legacy?

Our digital lives seem to know no bounds with every aspect of the way we live today having a virtual dimension should we choose it.

Financial assets are held and accessed online, social media accounts record our personal journeys through life and we relax listening to music downloaded or looking at photographs held digitally.

But after death who would have the complicated job of identifying and sorting out your intangible assets? If you bury your head in virtual sand and ignore the fact you have a digital life, in the real world it could cause chaos when you die. So the key advice is plan ahead ….

2. What are digital assets?

There are three main types of digital asset. Click on the images below to find out more.



Financial information such as online bank accounts, purchasing accounts, online currency, trading accounts.



Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.



Personal media and files such as photographs or favourite music.

3. Your digital afterlife

Dr Wendy Moncur of the University of Dundee talks about her research carried out in association with the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath.

4. Protecting your legacy

1. Make a will

In a will you can name executors who will be in charge of sorting out your estate when you die - including your digital assets.

2. Make a digital directory

Make and update a digital directory with details of your life online. You can download a copy of this below.

3. Never write down or share passwords

Just leave enough information and instructions so your assets can be found.

5. Would you send a message after your death?

Founder of social enterprise Dead Social James Norris tells us how you can create secret "goodbye" messages for sending from beyond the grave.