How did you help astronomers create a stunning space photo?

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1. An astronomical challenge

For Stargazing Live 2015, you helped us create one of the most detailed wide field space photos ever taken.

By combining your photos of Orion – taken using just standard digital cameras – we created a stunning composite image revealing the incredible details of stars and nebulae across the constellation.

This helped astronomers pioneer a new way of studying the night sky without the need for professional telescopes.

2. Capturing Orion

Watch Chris Lintott reveal the final composite image of Orion we created on Stargazing Live 2015 with Brian Cox and Dara O Briain.

Clip from Stargazing Live (BBC Two, 2015).

3. INTERACTIVE: The details we revealed

Click on Orion's main stars and nebulae in the final composite image to reveal the details we saw.

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4. How astronomers combined your photos

Combining hundreds of images of the star-studded sky is no mean feat. Watch the animation below to see how the software we used actually works.