Can eating insects save the world?

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1. Pesky pests or delicious delicacy?

When we think of insects, most us will think of icky, annoying pests that creep us out. We definitely don't think of them as a tasty treat! But so many people all over the world are already eating them as a nutritious food source. Why are more and more of the world’s population eating bugs?

2. INTERACTIVE: Where do people eat insects?

You may not consider eating a mealworm spaghetti bolognese, but countries across the globe are eating bugs every day. Click/tap through the map below to discover what types of insects are regularly eaten in different parts of the world.

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3. Would some of you ever eat insects?

We spoke to UK school kids about their favourite foods and asked them if they’d consider eating an insect.

4. Are we already eating bugs?

You may be surprised to find out that bugs are already used in some of our food products. You may have eaten creepy crawlies without even realising!

5. Can you cook bugs?

Stefan Gates shows us that it is possible to make a tasty meal out of locusts and meal-worms. Don't try this at home!

6. What are the benefits of eating insects?

Insects could be the solution to world hunger. There are 40 tons of insects to every human - more than enough for an "all you can eat" insect buffet. But that isn't the only reason why eating bugs could be important for our future…