What do humans need to stay healthy?

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1. Staying healthy

Staying healthy will help you to feel happier and stronger.

There are lots of things you can do to stay healthy.

You need to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. You also need to do lots of exercise and get enough sleep. You need to keep yourself clean, too.

2. What do humans need to stay healthy?

How many different ways can you think of to stay healthy? Watch this video to find out

3. Choosing healthy foods

Do you know how much of each type of food we need? Click on the pictures to find out.

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4. How do I stay healthy?

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Do try to eat a mixture of different foods, take exercise, get plenty of sleep and wash your hands before meals.


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Don't just eat buns and cakes, take no exercise, stay up late or forget to wash your hands before meals.