Which Hollywood movies feature the most ridiculous code?

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1. The shortcuts of cinema

Film studios spend millions producing blockbusters. No expense is spared in creating thrilling drama and spectacle. Big money is spent ensuring total historical and military accuracy. But all too often, in sci-fi and contemporary thrillers, computer code is represented in the most ludicrous way.

It's a staple of the modern movie. The hacker hero taps away at scrolling code to crack a network, hijack a helicopter or synthesise a mutant. But the code that appears on screen is often 'copied' from an unrelated source. Now expert movie buffs have identified the original source of the movie code. Watch our expert John reveal the pretty surprising results.

2. CLICKABLE: Movie hacking

Select from the six films below that feature computer code. Can you spot anything nonsensical in the clips?

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Top row (left to right): Iron Man (2008) Dir: Jon Favreau – Paramount Pictures; Antitrust (2001) Dir: Peter Howitt – MGM; The Social Network (2010) Dir: David Fincher – Columbia Pictures. Bottom row (left to right): The Recruit (2003) Dir: Roger Donaldson – Touchstone Pictures; Stargate: The Ark of Truth (2008); Robert C. Cooper – MGM; Elysium (2013) Dir: Neill Blomkamp – TriStar Pictures.

3. WATCH: Where does the code really come from?

Watch John Graham-Cumming identify the origins of the code used in our six Hollywood blockbusters. John sorts the sensible from the very silly.

4. VOTE: Which code is the most ridiculous?

We have shown code appearing in six Hollywood movies. Which do YOU think is the most ridiculous example?