Go The Distance: Student Life – Going the distance

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1. Staying motivated as a distance learner

Time for another look at Student Life – the series where we follow genuine distance learners when they're studying - and when they're not. Each student tells us how they meet the challenges of distance learning. Let's meet the next student!

Jemma has a busy life: she's an events manager, mother to two children – and she's a distance learner. With so much going on, it's no wonder that staying motivated as a distance learner can be a challenge! But it's not impossible to keep your focus and go the distance – and Jemma tells us how!

Next: Scroll down to find out how Jemma kept on going and found success as a distance learner.

2. Jemma goes the distance

We asked Jemma about how she copes with work and family life while staying motivated as a distance learner. Watch the video to find out about going the distance on a long course of study.

To do

While you watch the video, note down what Jemma says about WHO helped her, WHAT she focused on to stay motivated, and HOW she's a role model. We'll give you the answers – in a quiz question – later on this page.

3. How Jemma found the way to study success

To do: Jemma talked about who helped her, what she focused on and how she's a role model. What did she say?

Who helped Jemma

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Who helped Jemma

Jemma was lucky: her husband was very supportive, helping round the home; and her tutors listened when she needed guidance or extensions for her assignments.

What Jemma focused on

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What Jemma focused on

Jemma said "think about how good it'll feel when you finish" – keep your goals in mind to help you stay motivated while you're studying.

How Jemma is a role model

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How Jemma is a role model

Jemma said "I wanted to be a role model to my children" – she is proud to be a good example for them by achieving success in her studies through hard work.

4. What we've learned

So that's Jemma

You're nearly at the end of this unit. At the bottom of this page you can find links to more useful materials for distance learners – and would-be distance learners!

But before we finish, let's recap what we've learned about staying motivated as a distance learner.

  • # Having a support network can help you stay on course – tell friends and family about your studies and see if they can help you out.
  • # If you're really struggling to stay motivated and complete assignments because of family or work pressure, tell your tutor – they can help!
  • # Focus on aspects of your studies that you find interesting – you're more likely to stay motivated if you're actively engaged.
  • # Keep your eye on the finish line – think how good it will feel when you complete your course and achieve your goals!

Find out more

There's lots more about Jemma and her distance learning experience that you can see by visiting our partner The Open University. Click on the link below to find out more. Click on 'Downloads' to get a free pdf transcript of Jemma's video.