Could LEDs save the planet?

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1. Our need for light

It's impossible to imagine modern life without electric light. So much of our working lives, our leisure time, and the running of our 24-hour-a-day cities, depends on a clean, safe supply of illumination.

But all this light is expensive to generate and uses a lot of energy. The traditional incandescent light bulb is a highly inefficient piece of technology, little changed from the original bulbs developed in the late nineteenth century.

Fortunately, scientists and engineers have come up with something that might be the solution.

2. 21st Century light

We need to find an efficient way of creating light for our towns and cities. Watch the video below to find out more on the possible solution.

3. How LEDs use quantum physics to shine

Incandescent light bulbs only convert 10% of their energy into light, with the rest lost as heat. LEDs generate light in a completely different way - but how? And why are they so much more efficient?

4. Where do LEDs light up our lives today?

Click on the image below to find out how LEDs are already making a huge difference to our everyday lives.

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