What’s the maths behind a jackpot FA Cup run?

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1. How much is the FA Cup worth?

Success in the FA Cup takes many forms. The prize money might add up to several million but for wealthy Premier League clubs, boosted by lucrative television deals and the riches of the Champions League, that is relatively small change. For them, it is the prestige of winning a trophy that matters most.

However, for many lower league and non-league teams the FA Cup represents one of their best chances to land a high-profile televised tie, with all the revenue that brings. If they are lucky enough to hit the jackpot and be drawn away at a Premier League team, their split of the gate money can earn them more in one night than an entire normal season – enough to completely transform the club’s financial fortunes.

So just how much is the FA Cup worth to your club?

2. TV, tickets and prize money

Dan Walker looks at the three main revenue streams from the FA Cup – TV money, gate receipts and prize money – and what they mean to three clubs at very different levels of the game.

3. Prize money – how much per round?

Click or tap on the hand and drag the arrow to see how the prize money increases round by round.

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Warrington Town FC entered the 2014-15 FA Cup competition in the preliminary round in August, earning £1,925 in FA prize money for their 4-1 win over Barton Town Old Boys. Arsenal won a £1.8 million prize for their 3-2 victory over Hull City in the 2013-14 Wembley final. The prize money for each round was the same for 2013-14 and 2014-15.

4. TV windfall for non-league Warrington

Warrington Town's 2014-15 FA Cup run made them around 70% more than their income for the whole of the previous season. By far the biggest chunk of this came from their televised ties against Exeter and Gateshead.

Warrington Town's turnover for the 2013-14 season was £115,000. They made £190,000 from their FA Cup run alone in 2014-15.

5. Away-day payday for League Two Cambridge

Attendance stats for Cambridge United against Manchester United in the FA Cup

The 74,511 crowd for Cambridge’s 2014-15 FA Cup fourth-round replay at Old Trafford was almost 10 times the capacity at their R Costings Abbey Stadium.

Cambridge’s split of the gate receipts from their one away match at Manchester United – which they lost 3-0 – earned them around a million pounds.

6. Arsenal's silver lining

Graph showing what Arsenal earned in three different competitions in 2013 to 2014.

TV and prize money from Arsenal’s winning 2013-14 FA Cup run made them £4.2 million.

Data source: FA, Premier League, UEFA, Arsenal FC

Arsenal’s FA Cup TV and prize money were less than 2% of their annual revenue for the 2013-14 season, and a small fraction of their Premier League and Champions League income.

7. Hitting the jackpot

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