What's the formula for a perfect cup of tea?

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1. Storm in a teacup

Britain is a nation of tea lovers – 76% of us drink at least one cup every day. Yet we can't seem to agree on the best method to make it.

From the type of tea to use, to how long to brew it, and if (or when) to add milk – everyone's got their own opinion on how to make a great cuppa. But using scientific analysis, can we find a definitive answer?

Discover four simple steps to transform your daily brew into the perfect cup of tea.

2. A national obsession

Britain's obsession with tea in statistics

Sources: YouGov, Research and Markets, Mintel, UK Tea and Infusions Association and British Science Association. *Survey allowed tea drinkers to choose more than one type of tea.

3. WATCH: Four-step formula

Click or tap the video to see how to top up your tea technique.

4. VOTE: Milk first or last?

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It’s the debate that's divided tea lovers for decades. When do you add milk?

5. WATCH: Scientists provide the answer

Watch this two-minute animation to find out what the experts say about the great milk debate.