Crossing the Sky: Trek to School through the Himalayas

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1. Synopsis

Crossing the Sky follows two sisters on their long and perilous trip to school in the Himalayas. Radhika is 14 and Yashoda is 16 years old. Every day, they wake up at 5am and leave Swaya, their remote Uttarakhand village of 500 people, to start their 2-3 hour trip to school. This involves a steep trek in the mountains and crossing a flooded river by pulling a trolley over gushing waters. Join them on their journey in this stunning VR film from BBC News.

2. Watch in 360

Crossing the Sky can be seen in full 360 on YouTube, click the link below to watch.

3. Download for Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR

Crossing the Sky can be viewed in full on the BBC VR app with an Oculus Go or a Samsung Gear VR headset (pictured). Click the link below to access this experience.

4. New to Virtual Reality?

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