What does your personality predict about your future career?

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1. We are all individuals

We're all the same under the skin but people like to work in different ways.

Take our test to see how the way you like to get things done lends itself to the range of different jobs being created in the booming UK digital industry.

You could get paid more than most people for being who you are and doing something you love for a living.

2. Take our test

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3. Why are digital skills so important?

Alex Depledge and Jules Coleman look at the skills needed in a digital world.

Over a million new jobs will be created in the technology sector over the next decade as the UK’s workforce adapts to the digital economy, according to research by employer network, The Tech Partnership. This growth in digital job opportunities is predicted to be four times that in other sectors of the economy. What's more, there aren't enough young people entering the jobs market with the right skills to fill these roles. With salaries much higher than the national average there's an exciting opportunity for people that develop these skills.

4. Where did my results come from?

The questions in the Make It Digital Matchr are inspired by the behaviour assessment tool DISC, based on work by US psychologist William Moulton Marston.

DISC theory groups people according to whether they are task or people focused and the extent to which they are outgoing or reserved.

For Digital Matchr the groupings have been linked to 10 different profiles relating to aspects of digital work.

The learning resources for Digital Matchr were compiled by The Tech Partnership, in collaboration with Google. The Tech Partnership is the skills arm of the Information Economy Council and recognised by the UK government as the Industrial Partnership for the Information Economy.