What would you promise to a comrade’s ghost?

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1. Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark is a Quick Read book by Adèle Geras. It's the story of Rob, a soldier whose face is badly injured in World War One.

He wears a mask and is embarrassed to be seen in public. Rob is haunted by the ghost of his dead captain and wants to bring peace to the ghost - and to his own troubled heart.

In this guide you can listen to Adèle talk about her story and read the first chapter.

2. Ask the writer

Where did the idea for Rob's story come from? Listen to Adèle talk about Out of the Dark.

3. Chapter one

Listen to Adèle read the first chapter of Out of the Dark. Read along by downloading the transcript below.

Image courtesy of National Library of Scotland

4. What do you think?

The war was very hard for Rob and other soldiers.

He has happy memories of his life at home before the war.

What do you miss about home when you are away?