Make Noise

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1. Synopsis

‘Make Noise’ is a unique virtual reality experience which uses the power of your voice to smash through the barriers the suffragettes faced during their fight to win the vote for women.

Created by BBC VR Hub with Anagram, ‘Make Noise’ uses original archive material from the suffragettes to retell the dramatic story of how a few women started one of the most important movements in history.

In a series of colourful and abstract worlds that represent the stages of their struggle, from frustration to resistance to victory, you are invited to use your own voice and consider what it means to speak up. Mesmerizing, profound and playful, ‘Make Noise’ will empower users to follow Emmeline Pankhurst’s advice and ‘make more noise.’

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Make Noise can be experienced in full, for free, with an Oculus Go headset (pictured).

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Meet the suffragettes behind Make Noise.

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