What are the main parts of a computer?

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1. Introduction

Computers have lots of different parts and each has a special job.

Some will be inside the computer and others will be outside. Some parts are attached by wires and others are wireless.

The parts that make up a computer are called ‘hardware’. Programs which tell a computer what to do are called ‘software’. The hardware needs the software to tell it what to do.

2. Different parts of a computer

Click on the pictures to find out about the different parts of a computer.

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Some parts of a computer put information into a computer. They are called ‘input’ parts. Others allow the computer to send information out. They are known as ‘output’ parts. Can you work out which is which?

3. Play a game

Help Crash and Boot collect all the different computer parts. Try to beat the clock and collect as many as possible!

4. Input or output?

One of the things below is only used as an output device. Do you know which one it is? Choose one of the four options to find out.


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A mouse is used to input. When we use a mouse we are giving the computer instructions.


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The printer is used to output. The computer can use the printer to print out a story, picture or a photograph.


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The keyboard is used to input. When we use a keyboard to type we are giving the computer instructions.

Touch Screen

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Output and input

A touch screen is for input and output. We can read the screen which is output. The touch screen lets us tell the tablet what we want to do.