Where can I see art in the countryside?

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1. Art in the great outdoors

As an art historian, I spend a lot of my life inside art galleries and museums. But a lot of Britain's most inspiring art can actually be found in our amazing landscape.

Some of this art is called land art because it's made from the most basic natural materials like dirt, rocks and trees and can inspire you to think differently about the world you see around you every day. Exploring art in the outdoors doesn’t only stimulate the mind – it also allows you to get some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

I've had a fantastic time visiting some of Britain's greatest examples of land art for BBC Four. But you can discover many of them first hand too – whether it’s land art or different kinds of sculptures. So where can you find great outdoor art in Britain?

2. Top art spots in the UK

Check out our interactive map to find some of the best land art, as well as other outdoor art exhibitions, that you can visit throughout the country.

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3. Gone art

Not all Land Art is permanent. Some pieces are made even though they will only be temporarily viewable. Find out about some of these art works.

Richard Long

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A Line Made by Walking

One of the most influential pieces of land art was made by Richard Long when he walked back and fore in a field in Wiltshire to create a line in the grass.

Julie Brook

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Julie Brook encapsulated the elemental forces of nature by building stacks of wood in the sea off the Outer Hebrides and then setting them alight.

Robert Smithson

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Spiral Jetty

Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty is an earthwork sculpture by in the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. This can only be seen above the water during times of drought.