Could I be the next YouTube sensation?

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1. Road to success

My vlogging career really took off in 2012, when I posted an emotional video about the pressures I felt growing up. Now, vlogging is my full-time job.

But while I've managed to turn vlogging into a business, it’s not easy and some YouTubers only collect a handful of clicks. There’s certainly no magic formula for success, but it does seem those who make a career out of vlogging have some things in common.

2. Top tips

Watch this short film for my top tips on how to make it in the world of vlogging.

3. Tools of the trade

You don’t need lots of fancy kit to get started. Click on the labels to discover what tools can help you get your channel up and running.

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For guidance on editing your video, using different lenses and more, there are plenty of free online tutorials aimed at first-time vloggers.

4. Growing your fan base

Whether your aim is to make a living, make a difference or just have fun, you’ll need an audience. Here are some tips on how to grow your fan base.

  • Write a clear video description using key words. Get this right and your video will appear higher up search engine results.
  • Link your accounts and have a consistent style across them. Use tools to schedule your posts and reach your fans at the best time of day. Don’t spam!
  • Connect with your fans by interacting and responding quickly to their comments. Successful vloggers manage to make every subscriber feel important.
  • Use eye-catching thumbnails for your videos. You only have a fraction of a second to grab someone’s attention, so the right thumbnail is key.
  • Produce videos with another vlogger with similar interests and experience as you. Upload to both your channels and see if subscribers go up.
  • Make a trailer that explains who you are and what your vlog is about. Make sure the subscribe button is prominent. Let your personality shine through.

5. Worth a fortune

So how do vloggers actually make money? I share my secrets in this one-minute video.

Finally, build your own brand. Think up a memorable name, design an eye-catching logo and use them across platforms. Promote your brand in your videos and use personalised hash-tags and unique profile pictures. Be consistent and be yourself.

6. Have I got what it takes?

These three top vloggers think you need certain qualities to succeed. Which is yours?


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Jim Chapman

"It’s not just a case of making a video and suddenly you've got two million subscribers – you need to work at it for a long time."


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Tanya Burr

"I love the creative process. I put so much effort into my videos. I think about outfits, where I’m going to shoot it, the colours."


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"People send me fan mail in the post and I keep every letter and I always say I will read every single one. It might take me years and years, but I’ll do it.”