What do my Instagram posts reveal?

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1. The science of your Instagram posts

Why is it some things we post on Instagram have much bigger engagement than others? Can we apply a formula to the way we react to different images?

Using artificial intelligence, Tomorrow's World has created a chatbot able to analyse your images and make a prediction on their Instagram influence.

Certain features of photographs can have a direct impact on how influential they are when posted on Instagram. Colour palette, emotion of subjects, and landmarks all make a difference.

2. How influential will my image be?

The answer lies with machine learning.

The Tomorrow's World chatbot, which uses Facebook Messenger, has been fed with a large number of images which have been posted on Instagram.

The system has 'learnt' which features make an image more influential by cross referencing with the interaction it has received (i.e. number of likes or comments).

Having analysed a large number of these images the chatbot is able to predict, with a degree of certainty, how influential other images will be before they are posted on Instagram.

Click the link below to analyse your Instagram images via Facebook Messenger

3. What do my Instagram posts reveal?

Why do certain elements increase the resonance of your Instagram posts?

4. Can social media impact our health?

There is some concern that social media use can detrimentally affect our health. But how well-founded are these concerns? Studies suggest that social media use could bring about increased levels of anxiety and body image concerns. However, there's also evidence it can help with identity, emotional wellbeing and sense of community.