Nothing to be Written

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1. Synopsis

Bringing the BBC Proms to life as never before, this award-winning 7-minute experience is a contemporary response to the stories behind First World War ‘field postcards’.

During the First World War millions of multiple choice postcards were sent home by soldiers from the front lines. Nothing except a signature was allowed to be written on the card, communication could only take place through the prescribed phrases. Nothing to be Written is a VR artwork inspired from the messages on these postcards and the circumstances under which they were written and received.

Set to Anna Meredith’s dramatic and haunting choral score, the experience is a powerful exploration of the human stories beyond the edges of the postcards.

2. Watch the trailer

3. Download for Oculus Go

Nothing to be Written can be experienced in full, for free, with an Oculus Go headset (pictured).

Click the link below to access this experience.

4. Try the 360 teaser

Have a different headset, or on your phone or computer?

You can still get a taste of Nothing to be Written in the immersive 360 video teaser. Try in VR or ‘magic window’ mode on your mobile or tablet from the YouTube app, or put your phone in a Cardboard VR headset if you have one. Make sure your YouTube app is up-to-date.

5. Find out more

Discover the story of the field postcards behind Nothing to be Written and learn how Anna Meredith composed the music.

6. New to Virtual Reality?

Take a look at our guide to find out how to get started with Virtual Reality. Find out how to get your own headset and experience BBC content.