Are F1 racers about to lose out to driverless cars?

With a contract paying £30m a year, Lewis Hamilton is one of the world’s best paid sporting stars. But, in the future, will drivers even be needed?

Earlier this year, Formula E and Kinetik announced the first ever driverless electric car competition, Roborace.

Electric race cars compete without drivers – leaving it to the power of machine learning technology, directed by engineers and their real-time algorithms, to push the cars to the limits of racing perfection.

Building driverless cars is certainly no easy feat, but controlling one racing at 200 mph truly tests the skills of all involved.

Will technology one day replace names like Hamilton, Senna and Schumacher? Roborace's chief technology officer, Bryn Balcombe, reveals the engineering (and people) behind the car.

From Science Museum